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IL GOP’s 2018 gubernatorial primary was exceptionally close



CHICAGO – While JB Pritzker won easily over his opponents in the state's Democrat gubernatorial primary Tuesday, the IL GOP primary was a nail biter. While the governor's orange shows up a lot on Politico Illinois' map, the vast majority of those counties were won by three points or less:

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 11.17.19 AM

Politico Illinois has an interactive map to view just how close Tuesday night's GOP gubernatorial race was between challenger Jeanne Ives and one-term Governor Bruce Rauner. 

But check out the incredibly drastic difference between the number of Democratic primary votes and Republican primary votes.  It will take every single Republican – both wings of a divided party – to declare a GOP gubernatorial victory in November. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 11.28.10 AM


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  1. Rauner is a lost cause and grass roots activists shouldn’t spend any time or money on him. I can’t imagine how we would be any worse off even with Pritzker. Instead focus on contested but winnable elections like Roskam and look to 2022 when we will be able to call Rep. Ives Governor-elect.

  2. Interesting to note, that if you add up the Biss and Kennedy votes the ultra-leftist Dems would have prevailed.
    That is the state of the Democrat party in Illinois.
    But they’ll get behind semi-leftist Pritzker in short order.
    And they’ll swamp Rauner, almost without question.

  3. Rauner outspent Jeanne Ives 12-to-1, bribed all the GOP Establishment, LIED about his opponent in a non-stop barrage of media buys, and STILL barely squeaked through by 2.36%…pathetic. Jeanne Ives has restored the soul of our party. We need to continue it by saying NO in NO-vember, and NEVER RAUNER…

  4. I’d rather just let the GOP go away and any legislators that are worth the time can leave the party. This party has no soul. Jeanne Ives just captured votes of thousands of independent conservatives.

  5. While he is wealthy and it’s a bit ironic that he’s the candidate they picked, he did have the backing of Democratic organizations and unions. He also attacked Kennedy for raising tuition and proposed tuition free college, and he attacked Biss over the union/pension issue. Pritzker did not run as a moderate — he claimed that Biss was like some corporate stooge, much in the same vein that Rauner claimed Ives was a Madigan lackey. How he’ll govern remains to be seen, and we will see after November when he trounces Rauner. I suspect whatever Dems will give him, he’ll sign. Higher taxes are a given.