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Illinois Republican Hispanic group chairman resigns over Rauner win



Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 12.45.43 PM
Yvonne Bolton (front in pink scarf) with Will Co conservative activists

WILL COUNTY – The Illinois chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly resigned from her post this week after Bruce Rauner won the Illinois GOP gubernatorial primary.  

"I cannot in good conscience support Bruce Rauner," Yvonne Sencial Bolton of Will County said in her resignation letter. 

Bolton has been chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Illinois since 2017. Before becoming chairman, she served as the organization's Will County vice-chairman, then chairman. She also served as national committeewoman representing Illinois to the group's national convention. 

Bolton says her goal was to get more Hispanics involved in Illinois Republican politics because Hispanics are "conservative in our core – that's what we are. We need candidates with conservative values and people of faith, based on those values," she said.  

She says she left the Democrat Party several years ago – despite her father being active in the party – because she couldn't support the party's values.

"That's why I became a Republican," she said. Being fluent in both English and Spanish, Bolton said she can talk to the people, and share her desire and passion.  Her strong motivation and energy won her a leadership role in the state's effort for Donald Trump.

"I was the evangelical coalition coordinator for Trump in Illinois," she said. "I was originally for Cruz and was almost a #Never Trumper, but my mother and other circumstances changed my mind. I am proud of helping Donald Trump be elected."

Bolton said she hopes to continue promoting conservative values she holds dear, but not in a position to promote someone that doesn't agree with her dearly-held values. Her resignation letter to the organization reads:

Dear Friends,

It is with much thought and prayer like everything I do that I officially resign my position as chairman of the RNHA of Illinois.
As someone, like my son told me last night "is guided by a moral compass to be your guiding light" I cannot in good conscience support Rauner. I only support people of values, which I find him devoid of. It was those values that turned me away from the Democrat party and the very reason I became a proud REPUBLICAN! Just so everyone is clear, I stopped supporting him the day he was the second biggest donor to Planned Parenthood. Everything that happened after, like the the signing of the horrific HB40, and the rest of his betrayal of the conservative base just confirmed my decision. I do not work for "a few pieces of silver." For me it's always been for much more. It's been for a cause, a vision, and at this time it's blurry. 
I personally thank you All and pray nothing but the Lord's blessings for you and your family. 
Yvonne Bolton


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  1. I look forward to working with my friend Yvonne Bolton to promote a conservative agenda in Illinois that will help not only Hispanic people but all people in the state. I look forward to her leadership in forming new coalitions and ideally getting the Illinois GOP back on track.

  2. “Bolton says her goal was to get more Hispanics involved in Illinois Republican politics because Hispanics are “conservative in our core – that’s what we are.”
    I only wish that were true, but I the final analysis the majority of Hispanics do not fit into this category and that is why they vote for Democrats. For the most part it boils down to two issues.
    First, most Hispanics are poor and want a redistributive welfare state. Yes, I know that is counter to what some people try to portray but reality is reality.
    Second, most support open borders or a policy that lets more and more ‘immigrants’ into this nation regardless of there ability to really contribute in a way that does no hurt existing citizens.
    Nevertheless, I applaud this group and wish them the best.

  3. Hispanics are truly conservative because that is the way we were raised but unfortunately the Democrat party lies and says “Republicans don’t want you here”. Fact is they are here!
    Many are hard workers, working 2 and 3 jobs to support their families. I served as a board member on a Spanish community center for about 4 years and was able to see the community first hand.
    Btw, not all support open borders, especially the one’s with American born children. They like the rest of us feel that we need to look to the interests of our own first!
    My goal has always been, for over 20+ years to educate my fellow Latinos, like I said before, they are here! We can bring over to us or let the Dems USE them, OUR CHOICE!

  4. I’m so honored that you’re not only my mentor, but my friend. Thank you for being such an incredible role model for me, teaching me to stick to my moral values and not sell out. God bless you, Yvonne!

  5. Thank you so much for replying. I so admire your commitment and beliefs.
    However, until I see exit polls that show a close divide on Hispanics for Republicans and Democrats I will stick to what I said. At the Presidential level Hispanics voted 70% for Democrats and a lot of the Republican support is among the Cubans. Since 1968 Exit polls Hispanics have never gone for a Republican Presidential candidate. Bush came the closest but still no cigar.
    Perhaps dedicated people like yourself can change this. I hope so. In the future I would love to be proved wrong.

  6. With all due respect it is a wild statement to write that Hispanics are conservative, what with their liberal attitudes toward abortion, the welfare state, and anti-semitism being way out of the mainstream of American society.
    Hispanics are not unique to hard work. Many Americans work 2 jobs as well.
    It is time to stop pretending Hispanics are natural conservatives. Nothing could be further from the truth. This myth has been debunked too often.

  7. Ms. Bolton it’s great to see a principled leader for a change, especially in this state.
    I would suggest that you spend a few hours observing the workers at the welfare office in Humboldt Park to understand Frank Goudy’s statements about some Hispanics.
    P.S. Where is Hispania?

  8. Sadly you are correct but it’s because we don’t do as much as we can to educate them and there isn’t enough of people like me to do it. I will keep going one at a time which seems to be the way I have seen it works, you get one, they take it home and it will multiply! If we give up we will lose!

  9. Yvonne represents everything that I find worthwhile in an individual. She is a woman of conviction. I applaud her for her stance. Many of us (myself included) will be wrestling with the dilemma that Bruce Rauner has laid at our feet. Unless someone can come up with a great “Plan B” to enable me to avoid the upcoming vote for “The Lesser of Two Evils” in November, I will probably “hold my nose” and cast my vote for Bruce Rauner rather than allow JB Pritzker to become our next Illinois governor without a fight. I will continue to “hold on” hoping that “The Cavalry”(Trump & Company) will eventually come to our state’s rescue and save Illinois. I am hoping he will come to empty the nation’s “Illinois cesspool” after he gets done draining the Washington swamp.

  10. With all due respect, as long as conservatives keep “holding their noses and voting for the lesser of two evils”, the liberal elitist so-called Republicans like Rauner, Schneider, Pat Brady, etc. of Illinois are NEVER going to allow us a seat at the table. Why should they – we keep giving them what they want without forcing them to compromise on any of their liberal agenda.
    I have been trying to explain this to people for years now.
    I was told over and over in 2014 that with a Republican in the governor’s office, at least people like me would have a seat at the table. Others bought it; I did not.
    I tried to tell people back in 2010 that the bait and switch of “if conservatives help elect Mark Kirk, we establishment types will help elect Bill Brady” was never going to happen. People like Pat Brady didn’t want Bill Brady to win! They wanted an “I told you so” election cycle and they fooled a lot of people into aiding and abetting them. What we got was a liberal US Senator and a Democrat for Governor. What we got was “See, we told you only a moderate/liberal could win state-wide in Illinois” mantra to beat us over the head with for years to come.
    What we got was proof that the elitist liberal sect of our party would rather hand a win over to the Democrats than allow a conservative to win. They would rather throw an election than to compromise their agenda. Conservatives, isn’t it about time for us to be willing to take such a stand for our principles?!?!
    Fellow conservatives – stop being used! People like Rauner and Schneider only want your votes; they don’t care about your beliefs, your principles, or your ethics – they ONLY care about the vote totals at the end of the night on election day and they will do and say anything to get them.
    Rauner said he heard us on March 20th – I call BS!!! He has heard us all along; he simply doesn’t care!

  11. Oh, really? The proof is in the pudding.
    We’ve seen this for decades, with blacks saying we can bring in huge numbers of black voters to the conservative side.
    And the “black conservative leaders” got GOP money, and their pictures in the newspapers – and maybe a government job, if Republicans won.
    And brought virtually no votes into GOP candidates.
    The same, likely, with these outlying Latinos.
    I’ve seen this for more than 25 years now.
    The question should be – “How many Latino votes can you bring in – and from where?”
    And should that ever happen – we’ll celebrate your success.
    But no one ever asks that – and never looks at the negligible results of these efforts.

  12. You’re entirely right.
    I had an open-borders Latino tell me – on-air on WGN in 1995, “That most Latino immigrants are very conservative – very family oriented.”
    That is a myth they propound.
    The level of abortion amongst Latino immigrant girls in Chicago is just a tad below that of black Chicago girls. As is the rate of families without fathers – as is the rate of welfare dependence.
    And guess what – these fatherless children of Latino – often illegal immigrants are now violent gang members.
    We saw this coming back in ’94 – and no one wanted to listen.

  13. Excellent analysis. I’ve been doing this in IL since 1975, when I took a semester off of college to volunteer for Ronald Reagan for President.
    All of the RINOs in IL GOP circles opposed Reagan that year. He lost, narrowly in the ’76 GOP primary.
    I was out in DC, in ’80 – but even then, the IL GOP establishment opposed Reagan in the GOP Presidential primary. He won – and the rest is history.
    As Desi Arnaz said to Lucy “They got a lot of ‘splainin’ to do”

  14. The leftist thinkers at the Ford Foundation are sometimes credited with concocting the myth of a monolithic and unified “Hispanic” community (the better to claim minority status as a protected class and to demand government benefits and subsidies).
    The truth is Latinos come from a variety of separate nations with distinct cultures, customs, and habits. A common language does not act as a unifying force as many dialects and variations exist. It would be more truthful to identify people as Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Dominicans, Guatemalans, etc.

  15. More Blacks are becoming Republican again for the reason that you mentioned but it us the Democrats who make empty promises that are never fulfilled and just as Blacks and White for that matter realize the Democrats are for the wealthy, so are the Hispanics.

  16. Can we please get serious for a moment here?
    You said, “More blacks are becoming Republican.”
    Would you please cite me particular precincts or Wards or legislative districts, or Congressional districts — where that is, in fact, happening?
    I am so sick of hearing this balderdash – which we’ve been hearing for a quarter century now.
    And now we’re trying to be sold the same nonsense from Latinos.
    Give me proof of a precinct – or a Ward – or a State. Rep. District or a State Senate District or a Congressional District.
    And if you can’t do that – please get back to us when you have some tangible results. And if you can’t do that, please do us the favor of shutting your flappers, until you have something helpful to report.

  17. I agree. This is borderline insanity.
    It’s been a lot longer than 25 years we’ve been hearing this nonsense, even as the actual numbers are going in the opposite direction.
    In the Obama years the Democrats got near universal support among blacks and this guy has the audacity to say more are becoming Republicans. Please, Ron, join us in reality.

  18. Chase–George W, Bush and Dick Cheney used to refer to themselves as “the cavalry” when they first began on the campaign trail with the message to “hold on”. I didn’t even consider that not everyone would know or remember that so I apologize. Sorry. I was attempting (ineptly ) to use that same campaign phrase that Bush used to describe my hope that eventually Trump would notice the problem the GOP has in Illinois and that he and his “cavalry” would come to the rescue of the Illinois Republican Party and through the use of his financial juggernaut and his ability to get things done that he would help to straighten it out. I did a poor job of expressing my thoughts so I apologize. I will attribute it to my not having had my second cup of coffee yet when I responded that day.