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JB Pritzker’s new ad: Ives’ own words



CHICAGO – Governor Rauner will need to deal with the tough criticism his IL GOP primary challenger state Rep. Jeanne Ives made during the hard-fought gubernatorial primary campaign.

Democrat JB Pritzker's new ad is reminding voters why nearly half of the Illinois Republican Party's voters rejected him for a second term. #RaunerFailedMe


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  1. Oh, this is going to be great!!! Pritzker, in advancing HIS campaign against Former Gov Rauner, is inadvertently campaigning FOR his own opponent in 2022. Jeanne Ives must archive these ads.
    Now that Rauner is out, the Republicans will (hopefully) unify against the policies that Governor Pritzker will be advancing, which is WAY preferable to Democrats & Rauner Republicans unifying against Conservative Republicans.
    We have our work cut out for us, but at least we know how the sides are going to line up, we’ve got four years to prepare this time around. I smell a belated victory in the air. It is GREAT knowing who our nominee will be.

  2. I think Rauner has a path but the use of the “we” is misplaced here. Rauner’d not going to include social conservatives as part of his coalition. He’s going to make the case that he’s a social liberal and not corrupt like Pritzker. Rauner wants to purge the Illinois GOP. He’s not about “We” or reuniting anyone.

  3. So…sit on our hands in November, let Rauner lose, and as a result ensure Pritzker and Dems control the remap after the 2020 census?
    Even if Jeanne runs and by some miracle wins in 2022, the IL House and Senate will be firmly controlled by Dems. What will she be able to accomplish then?
    I am by no means a Rauner defender or apologist. I just want to be sure I understand what you are proposing.

  4. I’ll probably vote for him, but he doesn’t want conservatives working for him. I can’t imagine him wanting Ives cutting ads for him. Rauner wants Social Conservatives to sit on their hands because his pitch is going to be he’s not one of them.