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Bluedorn: The IL GOP’s future will be determined April 18



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By Laurie Bluedorn - 

The time for soft words has passed.

The Illinois Republican Party (IRP) is controlled by a cartel of men and women who ignore the Republican Platform, support (either directly or indirectly) the killing of babies, and can by no means be called "conservative."

Do you have an interest in this one, perhaps last, window of opportunity to work some good in the IRP?

On April 18, every county in Illinois will hold a county Republican Party convention. At this county convention, Republican precinct committeemen will fill two important party positions:

1. The chair of the county Republican organization
2. The IRP State Central Committee (SCC) member that represents that county

The IRP is governed by the SCC, which consists of 18 members, one representing each of the state's congressional districts. The SCC members are elected by a vote of the precinct committeemen within each congressional district.

The SCC is a powerful group. Their purpose is to "establish, organize, and promote the operations of the Republican Party." They determine which candidates will receive money from the IRP and also who will serve on the Illinois State Convention platform committee.

If you are a precinct committeeman, we urge you to vote for a liberty-minded, pro-life candidate that adheres to the Illinois Republican Party Platform. If you are not a precinct committeeman, you can still help by appealing to your precinct committeeman to vote for a conservative, Platform-respecting candidate.

If there is no liberty-minded, pro-life candidate in your district, we suggest you abstain from voting. A substantial undervote sends a compelling message that the base of the IRP is conservative and wants conservatives to direct the IRP.

Here are the State Central Committee 2018 candidates conservatives can personally recommend. Each one is worthy of the base's support. Be brave. Be bold. Your boldness will strengthen the weaker ones to do good.
Congressional District 1
 David Smith

Congressional District 2
 George Pearson

Congressional District 3
 no recommendation

Congressional District 4
 no recommendation

Congressional District 5
 Chris Cleveland

Congressional District 6
 Bob Grogan

Congressional District 7
 no recommendation

Congressional District 8
 Paul Hinds

Congressional District 9
Char Eggeman Foss
Sally Nyan Davis

(both candidates hold conservative views)

Congressional District 10
 Mark Shaw

Congressional District 11
 no recommendation

Congressional District 12
Barb Viviano

Congressional District 13
 Fred Floreth

Congressional District 14
 Stan Bond

Congressional District 15
 Bob Winchester

Congressional District 16
 John McGlasson

Congressional District 17
 Patrick Harlan

Congressional District 18
 no recommendation

(Mrs. Bluedorn is active with the Mercer County Republicans. The above are her recommendations, not meant to be interpreted as Illinois Review endorsements.)


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  1. District 17 has been supported by Jan Weber , and myself as an elected official I can say she knows what needs to be done . She is awesome for our district and she is the only wise choice. We need someone experienced to keep us going!!! We need a person who is experienced and has the drive to get it done !!

  2. Thank you, Mrs. Bluedorn for your endorsement and support. I look forward to serving those Republicans still here in Illinois, committted to righting the ship and placing Illinois, along with the Republican Party, on a true course to victory in 2018 and 2020. When we are successful, it will make Illinois the destination state once again!! I refuse to flip the switch yet!

  3. Your endorsed candidate in the 8th District, DuPage County (then-Chief Deputy) Clerk Paul Hinds, was hardly the culture warrior when it came to same-sex civil unions on the first day they became legal, June 1, 2011, gushing to the news media about joyous occasions, granting wishes, and sharing relationship stories. This is in contrast to Kane County Clerk Jack Cunningham who simply said, “It’s just another service we have in providing documents to people.”
    READ: https://patch.com/illinois/glenellyn/roselle-couple-first-to-obtain-civil-union-license-in92212d464c
    For the past eight years, Barb McMillan and Roseann Szalkowski have stopped into the DuPage County Clerk’s office every Valentine’s Day to ask for a marriage license. Every year, they were denied, because it was against Illinois state law. But today they got a license, for a civil union.
    “They were the first couple in line today,” said Paul Hinds, DuPage County chief deputy clerk. “We’ve kind of gotten to know them over the years. They’ve been together, stayed together and were always looking for something to make it official…. Today we were able to kind of grant their wish.”…
    “It’s always a joyous occasion for [couples applying for a marriage license],” said Hinds. “We have a lot of people come in, and each couple has their own story…. Now we have a new group that can [be a part of it.]”
    Hinds said that McMillan and Szalkowski plan to hold their ceremony June 17 at the DuPage County Courthouse….
    READ: https://www.pressherald.com/2011/06/01/illinois-issues-first-civil-union-licenses-today_2011-06-01/
    …In Kane County, Clerk John “Jack” Cunningham said he doesn’t anticipate any problems today. “It’s just another service we have in providing documents to people,” he said….

  4. Part of being an adult is learning to stop fantasizing an dreaming and coping with reality.
    Anyone who thinks electing Republicans or Libertarians or anyone to office is going to materially impact IL impending fiscal collapse is simply someone who does not understand math or demographics.
    Illinois is done for, the best thing for Illinois is swift and total fiscal collapse.
    The most useful purpose the conservative arm of the Illinois Republican party could serve is to work with other states’c cities, counties and communities in order to create a blueprint for Illinois out migration that will add in making purple areas read and tilt the electoral map red on a national basis. Instead of just sending people packing to Florida, tell them what counties and cities they should move to in order to alter the electoral map on a national basis.
    The conservative arm of the Republican party could still serve a very useful purpose by serving as clearing house for republican and conservatives relocating outside IL. It would be nice to be able to reach out and find out what community you should consider relocating to, where you vote could actually make a difference.

  5. Your list looks good to me.
    Not sure about the 8th CD. Ryan Higgins pushed to change the definition of marriage in 2016. Paul Hinds was on the list of elected DuPage officials who endorsed Ruaner.

  6. I am really confused by the “equivalency” rating for the two candidates for State Central Committeeman in the 9th Congressional District.
    Char Foss-Eggemann (if she’s a social conservative, what’s up with the hyphenated last name?) accepted an appointment from Governor Rauner to a well paying ($47,000.00) part-time position on the Illinois Human Rights Commission. She supported Rauner at the Cook County Central Committee meeting despite the fact that the Maine Township Republicans made no endorsement in the gubernatorial race weeks earlier. It seems fairly likely that she’s the Rauner candidate in this district.

  7. Dear Split Decision, it is abundantly clear why you hide behind a screen name. Perhaps you should get your facts straight before making disparaging remarks. My first husband passed away from brain cancer when my children were ages 1 and 3. His only request was not to change their last name. I eventually remarried and was lucky to have a third child, who proudly shares my current husband’s last name. All of my boys adore dad, and love that we have found a way to share the same family name. This was not a “liberal choice” of last name as you speculate – it reflects that challenging path that God set before me. You have no clue why it is necessary for a mother to share the last names of her children for school, travel and other reasons. Are you aware that the HRC must by law have a certain number of Republican appointees, and are you aware of my qualifications? Are you aware of the precise endorsement vote totals by our precinct captains in the gubernatorial race, and what the ROMT board’s policies are? I think my conservative credentials speak for themselves, and as a mom, my advice to you is that if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.

  8. The IL GOP is like the Resistance at the end of the last horrible movie Star Wars 8. There’s like 8 people left. There is no resistance. There is no IL GOP. It’s just a bunch of people sitting around wishing they were Mike Madigan. They are inconsequential.
    They have no future. There is nothing that can be done on April 18 that will change that.

  9. What a lawerly response!
    It neatly avoided addressing your personal support for BVR completely. Say what you will about Garber (the outgoing State Central Committeeman for the 9th District), he was always up front and open about his position on the gubernatorial primary. Is there any reason why you want to skirt the issue?
    The Maine Township Republicans made no gubernatorial endorsement because its bylaws require a minimum of 60% to endorse a candidate, so obviously the incumbent did not have sufficient support.