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School Choice could be the answer for peer bullying



In this latest YouTube, Heartland Institute President Tim Huelskamp talks about the issue plaguing our schools – bullying.

Bullies make lives miserable for their victims. Yet, most programs seem to focus on reducing the number of bullies rather than helping the victim.

Huelskamp explains how school choice is the best way to quell bullying. He believes it's cruel to send children to their bullies day after day at the same schools. 


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  1. Mr. Huelskamp is entirely right on this. I recently heard a report from a Jewish woman, who said that her little boy was being bullied by Muslim students at a CPS school in Lakeview, who were constantly taunting him with comments like, “We’re going to put you into the ovens.”
    This behavior was hushed up by the CPS administrators and faculty, in the name of their concern for “diversity.”
    Choice in education – and even better yet, home schooling, would have alleviated this public school nightmare.

  2. School choice is a way to get kids away from bullies, and also from incompetent, union-protected teachers, who often will not do anything about the problem.
    And, the fact that the child could be moved from one voucher school to another would force accountability, for moving the money elsewhere would get “attention” quickly.

  3. President Lincoln was home schooled. Wilson was not home schooled. He did not learn to read and write until he was ten years old.
    Public School focus on administration. Home school focuses on education
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht