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Illinois Home Value Armageddon



Crime, pensions and taxes are driving down the value of your home.


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  1. Great points! I like it, someone who is calling out the fact that while the home values are rising in every state around us we in Illinois are missing the appreciation party due to out of control 250 BILLION in unfunded PENSION DEBT and the highest residential taxes in America. You think Chicago is bad check out the sinking values and underwater mortgages and property taxes 300% more than Chicago home taxes. The ponzie scheme in Chicago is the lack of school cost charged in the property taxes causing this multi billion dollar burden to be paid by all homeowners outside the city, heaviest in the collar counties.
    Pritzker and Madigan want to add 1% across the board to all realestate taxes because they are not strong enough or care enough to restructure the unsustainable pension system.