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Walsh resigns from Turning Point USA’s advisory board over leadership’s devotion to Trump



CHICAGO – A brouhaha over the conservative organization Turning Point USA's leadership becoming so entwined with the Trump Administration has led to radio talk show host former Congressman Joe Walsh resigning from the group's advisory board. 

"I've been on TPUSA's board of advisors from the very beginning. I've been a speaker from the very beginning," Walsh told Illinois Review Wednesday. "I love Charlie and I love the organization. The problem is it's a non-partisan, non-political organization that is all about the issues – limited government and free markets. TPUSA should never be tied to any politician, whether that politician is Donald Trump or Ronald Reagan."

Walsh and his wife Helene discussed their views publicly on Facebook earlier this week: 

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 10.01.08 AM

Walsh's comments were in response to political analyst and pollster Frank Luntz, who pointed out Kirk's comments when President Barack Obama's administration was negotiating with the North Koreans: 

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 10.04.43 AM

Charlie Kirk – TP USA's founder – is now tied to the Trump Administration, Walsh said, and that's not appropriate. 

"I will be removing myself from the board, and I probably won't be invited to speak at TPUSA events," Walsh said.  "It's not about a politician – when Trump does wrong, you've got to criticize him."

Kirk is so close to Trump, he can no longer criticize the president, Walsh said. 

Kirk did not respond to Illinois Review's query. He is often featured on Fox News and has over 450,000 Twitter followers. 

Walsh's comments on audio file: 

Walsh 6132018-Segment 1

Illinois Review began reporting on Turning Point USA in 2012:





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  1. Joe has a good point.
    We need to be cautious. It’s IDEALS we need to uphold,
    not individual politicians.
    We have been disappointed before.
    Does the name “Rauner” ring any bells?
    If you live in Kane County, does “Lauzen” ring any bells, as well?

  2. I’m pleased that Walsh has resigned. As far as Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point is concerned, his group is doing an outstanding job.
    Welsh’s comments are so off base so much of a time, that I’ve stopped listening to his show a long time ago. I think Joe just likes to hear himself speak and uses shock language to get the recognition and adulation that he so craves.
    The other day Walsh condemned Trump in a tweet for not dealing with civil rights with Kim, when the Kim meeting was not the place to be doing so. In that Walsh did not support Jeanne Ives for governor also remains as a big mark against Walsh for me.
    I guess Walsh is for freedom, but what sort of freedom will this country have if those like Walsh refuse to support this president at least most of the time. It’s fine to have differences now and then, but not to outright condemn Trump when such rhetoric is not called for.
    I think Walsh, through his expressed intolerance for Trump, has done himself great harm by those who are still loyal to him.

  3. Anyone, ask David Hale, Rockford Tea Path founder, about this. He has A LOT to say about him. Interested Illinois Review? When David actually challenged Kinzinger, he got no help or support from him even though he was told that he would get it.

  4. It has been difficult to listen to Walsh nitpick President Trump… it is getting ridiculous.
    Trump has exceeded the expectations of most center-right voters. Regarding policy, his administration has been bold and aggressive, they have kept campaign promises, and they refuse to be pushed around by the opposition media in the process.
    Yes, many of us wish Trump exercise more discipline and restraint in his messaging — especially via Twitter — but it is time that conservative/libertarian critics give credit where credit is due.

  5. Met Joe a long time ago, when he was just testing the waters about running for office. He had promise but now his ego has gone into overdrive. I stopped listening to his radio show a year or so ago. Joe has either started believing his own press or he’s losing his mind. Either way, it’s sad.
    That said, if you have the funds, maybe throw a donation to Charlie’s TP USA. They are doing great work!

  6. I remember when Joe Walsh had his nose up Jack Roeser’s Butt because of the money and Joe all of a suddened filp-flopped on illegal immigration. You would NOT find Joe Walsh bringing up the subject. He avaioded it because he did not want his flow of money from Jack Roeser to stop. SO, Joe does know something about noses up Butts!!

  7. To Stevie D. Anderson: How neat that you would take the time to find several articles I wrote about Joe Walsh. Two of them were written a number of years ago before Trump was even president and could rant against him.
    The last one I did write in covering an event for The Heartland Institute. Joe’s remark at the event were quite good, which were noted when I included a YouTube of Joe’s remarks. There was really nothing to quibble about in the way Joe Wash addressed guests at Heartland’s recent Freedom Picnic, but how ironic it was when I just happened to see one of Joe’s outlandish tweets against Trump on the same day I submitted my Heartland article to Illinois Review.
    I had never followed Joe’s tweets, but since then I have seen many of them and they should disturb all patriots as to his obvious dislike for President Trump in light of the high and mighty image Joe presents of himself. You may be sure that I’ll never again write another article which promotes Joe Walsh.

  8. I have been on TPUSA board since the beginning and a proud mentor to Charlie for over 5 years. As Charlie leads this great organization and Inspires young people to love our Country and love our system of Free Enterprise he must use examples of the opportunity America delivers if you have work ethic, vision and passion. As a very strong leader Charlie Inspires many kids to be better than they would ever be without his mentoring, using Donald Trump as one of the best examples of an only in America Success Story.
    Donald Trump is not a perfect person but he is a perfect example of The American Dream. As a mentor of Charlie I will continue to appreciate him using the best examples of Only in America examples of American success through Capitalism as he continues to Inspire our students and Millennials to love and nurture American values and shun Socialism. Becoming friends with a president who exudes the traits that TPUSA believes and America stands for is awesome.
    People will always try to knock successful individuals, Joe won’t be the last.
    God Bless TPUSA, God Bless USA and may God Always Bless Charlie and our President!