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Left’s Grand Idea: Illinois Professor Argues Need to Expand Supreme Court in Order to Save It




We knew this week’s Supreme Court nomination would result in renewed calls from leftists to eradicate long-standing norms in order to resist an originalist makeup on the Court. Sure enough, in a Washington Post op-ed, Roosevelt University political science professor David Faris surmises that “saving the court’s legitimacy requires breaking some norms.”

According to Faris, “The GOP’s brazen act of democratic sabotage will almost certainly deliver the high court to the far right for a generation. In the years ahead, the court will probably further erode reproductive rights, gay rights and voting rights, ushering in the darkest era in American history since the post-Reconstruction period.”



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  1. The Left is so full of histrionics it’s hard to take them seriously. Do they actually believe the crap coming from their mouths, or is it just a show for the unwashed masses?
    Somebody get them a lifetime supply of smelling salts – they need it with all the vapors they’re getting.