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Poll: Millennials would rather live in socialist or communist nation than under capitalism




The majority of millennials would prefer to live in a socialist, communist or fascist nation rather than a capitalistic one, according to a new poll.

In the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation’s “Annual Report on U.S. Attitudes Toward Socialism,” 58 percent of the up-and-coming generation opted for one of the three systems, compared to 42 percent who said they were in favor of capitalism.

The most popular socioeconomic order was socialism, with 44 percent support. Communism and fascism received 7 percent support each.

Marion Smith, executive director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, said the report shows millennials are “increasingly turning away from capitalism and toward socialism and even communism as a viable alternative.”

“This troubling turn highlights widespread historical illiteracy in American society regarding socialism and the systemic failure of our education system to teach students about the genocide, destruction, and misery caused by communism since the Bolshevik Revolution one hundred years ago,” Mr. Smith said in a statement.



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  1. The fools have not lived in a Communist or Socialist society, and I doubt many of them have ever visited or traveled in one to see what a hell-on-earth joke they are.
    I traveled behind the Iron Curtain in 1973. The grandaddy of them all, the old Soviet Union, was the worst of the lot at that time. The Revolution of 1917 stopped the clock. Hospitals, stores and some hotels were still locked in that time warp.
    Lines at stores for food (if anything you wanted was even available), primitive medical care (including re-use of tongue depressors) and “restricted areas” where tourists were not allowed to go.
    When my wife returned from escorting a tour group there in 1991, she said “The Soviet Union can’t hold out much longer”. Sure enough, a few months later, it COLLAPSED.
    Such are the “Glories of Socialism, Comrade”