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Poll: Most Americans Don’t Want Roe V. Wade Reversed




poll released Friday shows the majority of Americans don’t want Roe v. Wade — the federal ruling which established abortion as a constitutional right — overturned.

According to the study of 1,492 people by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 67% triumphed over 29% in the for-against of leaving the ruling alone.

The poll was conducted before the announcement of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s July 31st retirement.



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  1. I would be willing to bet the people who don’t want it reversed think it means abortion would be outlawed across the entire country rather than simply returning the issue back to the states where it belongs and where it stood for centuries before.

  2. I don’t believe that poll. Abortion is man’s inhumanity to man. The moral relativism that’s fundamental to the abortion lobby agenda makes it easy to justify all manner of evil. Adolph Hitler used moral relativism to justify murdering babies too. Abortion is murder of an unborn baby and sometimes an already born babies. The definition of murder is the taking of an innocent life, there is not a more innocent life than that of an unborn baby. Thou shall not murder…

  3. You’re taking polling data from a liberal polling company that supports Democrats. The Board of the Kaiser Family Foundation inckudes Kathleen Sebelius, former Obama HHS Secretary who ushered in Obamacare. Before her stint with Obama, as Governor of Kansas, Sebelius was good buddies with infamous late term abortionist George Tiller, and her administration “accidentally” shredded documents that were essential to proving Planned Parenthood falsified documents and covered up child rape and illegal late term abortions. The cases against PP had to be dropped. (Hillary likely learned a thing or two from Sebelius.)
    With Sebelius now on Board with Kaiser, you can bet Kaiser will do all it can to protect abortion, including putting out fake news polls.

  4. “Disenfranchised” has it right.
    Polls are rigged just by who conducts them, the questions asked, HOW the questions are asked, WHERE then are asked, and TO WHOM they are asked, all of which can be manipulated to get the desired replies.
    With Kathleen [email protected]@ involved, I doubt the poll is valid, at least on a satistical level.

  5. As long as the slaughter of the innocent, as immoral as it is, remains concentrated in the demographic that would likely grow up to vote democratic, I am for it. In my opinion many of you are not thinking this through. Abortion is the only reason the Democrats have not demographically overrun the country. You will have one the battle over moral principle and in doing so lose the war – and that is forever. Once the great wall is built, immigration is merit based, upper income falls a bit, mid and lower tier wages rise due to supply and demand, then will be the time when you can safely approach unwinding the murder that is abortion (this is because those who actually are able to earn a decent standard of living in the PRIVATE sector tend to evolve into conservative values. .