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Rauner campaign boasts national coverage of embarrassing Toilet Campaign Ad



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CHICAGO – In general, potty humor is featured in cartoons and flicks focusing on pre-teen boy audiences, but evidently, that description matches Governor Rauner's campaign team's maturity.

The Rauner campaign is very proud of the national media attention they received this week about the exorbitant amounts of money Gov Rauner and his Democrat challenger JB Pritzker have, and how they're wasting millions on campaign ads in the governor's race. 

The "Go Flush Yourself, JB" tone of Rauner's campaign is commonly held as neither clever nor funny, and is once again a reason for undecideds not to choose the incumbent in November. 

Here's what the Rauner campaign sent out for Illinoisans to ponder – prepare to shake your head:


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  1. Based on better than anecdotal, but not scientific polling that I’ve done on social media apps of this area of the state, Bruce is probably going to lose by the worst landslide for an incumbent ever. He barely breaks 60% in an area and among users where he should be above 75%. Kash and McCann are both polling above 5%

  2. I can only hope that Rauner’s defeat is the largest in history. Keyes got 27% of the vote as Senator against Obama…I am hoping that Rauner’s defeat is worse, though I sincerely doubt it.
    I hope McCann finishes ahead of Rauner, but hat is a pipe dream.
    McCann’s ground game is so far non-existent. I have contacted his website 3 times to volunteer to go door to door with no reply 🙁 Which does not bode well.

  3. I received bizarre call from a pollster working for Pritzker. When I did not affirmatively declare my allegiance to Pritzker, the person got rattled. I cited by dislike of the toilet removal for a reduced property tax assessment. The person gave me some line about the Astor Street residence being real old and in need of repairs. Right.