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Update x1: “Republican” Rauner now to back Trump’s Supreme Court pick


UPDATE x1: Wed 7:05 PM – The SunTimes is now reporting that Governor Rauner WILL sign the letter after initially not signing on. 

"The RGA said Rauner’s exclusion from the letter was a “simple miscommunication” and a new one with Rauner’s signature was being sent Wednesday afternoon," the ST now reports HERE.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Nearly all of the nation’s Republican governors have signed a letter backing Senate confirmation for President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

In a letter to Senate leaders, first obtained by the AP, GOP governors from 31 states and territories ask that senators move “expeditiously to confirm” Kavanaugh to the court.

They write: “Judge Kavanaugh’s impeccable credentials demonstrate he is worthy of this nomination.”

The letter is part of a coordinated campaign by the White House to build public support for Kavanaugh, in hopes of securing his confirmation in time for the beginning of the Supreme Court’s term this fall.

The four Republican governors who didn’t sign the letter are from Democratic-leaning states. They are: Massachusetts’ Charlie Baker, Maryland’s Larry Hogan, Vermont’s Phil Scott and Illinois’ Bruce Rauner.


  1. The local Republican Party chairman sent me an e-mail stating that due to by GOP voting record it’s a “MUST” that I vote for Rauner, and imploring me to do so.
    Rauner the Rino’s refusal to support Trump is just one more reason, of MANY, why I refuse to so so.

  2. How can you oppose a judge who applies the original meaning & intent of the law, our US Constitution. Rauner is crazy, he obviously supports judicial tyranny, I have news for you Rauner, judges are not suppose to legislate from the bench. Rauner’s wife obviously gave him the orders to oppose Judge Kavanaugh. This is what the unborn baby murdering Rauners fear. They fear the reversal of judicial tyranny.
    Activist federal judges have committed major offenses against the U.S. Constitution with their perversions of the 14th Amendment.
    They have evaded the constitutional limits on their power to hear cases by fabricating individual “constitutional rights” from the 14th Amendment so that they could PRETEND, that the cases “arise under the Constitution”, thereby claiming “federal question” jurisdiction! In Roe v. Wade (1973), seven judges on the supreme Court said a
    “…right of privacy…founded in the Fourteenth Amendment’s concept of personal liberty and restrictions upon state action…” (p. 153)
    makes unconstitutional any State Law making abortion a criminal offense! Those seven judges just made up a “constitutional privacy right” which they said was in the 14th Amendment and which they said prohibits States from outlawing abortion! There is no personal liberty to murder….
    Boy oh boy, Rauner & Mr toilet remover have to be the WORST gubernatorial candidates in the nation, maybe ever.

  3. So funny that Rino Rauner comes out with a meaningless endorsement of Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh – a matter over which he has no power, whatsoever.
    But Rauner refuses to appear with the President of his own party, as he rallied working Americans – Democrats, Independents and Republicans – in Granite City, IL.
    Madison County (where Granite City is) voted 60% for Trump. I trust that Republicans and Democrats and Independents there will unite in giving no more than 20% to Rauner.
    Rauner has been no better than Hillary Clinton in his contempt for the “despicable” Trump supporters. He earlier refused to attend the GOP convention, where President Trump was nominated.
    But he’s been quite ardent in courting the “La Raza” illegal alien sympathizers (and voters.)
    So, if Rauner and his left-wing Democrat suburban wife think that Trump supporters will, “put on their big-boy pants”, “hold their noses”, and vote for him – they are sadly deluded.
    Leftist Rauner or Leftist Pritzker – who cares?

  4. 2010 “Conservative” Bill Brady wins Republican Nomination..Moderates sit out the election. Pat Quinn wins and Democrats get to draw the maps for the next 10 years.
    2018 “Moderate” Bruce Rauner wins the nomination Conservatives threaten to sit out. JB Pritzker wins and the Dems draw the maps for another ten years.
    When will we ever learn?

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