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Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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University of Illinois-Chicago Prof urges math teachers to adopt ‘social justice pedagogies’




A professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago contributed a chapter to a new textbook arguing that math teachers "have a responsibility" to adopt "social justice pedagogies."

Eric Gutstein advocates "explicitly political" approaches to math education as a way of countering "climate catastrophe" and the "racist and sexist billionaire in the White House."



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  1. Is this clown tenured?
    Even if he is, this charlatan should be fired. He should certainly not be receiving a paycheck at our taxpayers’ expense.
    In the 1930s under Stalin, the Soviet Union adopted the Marxist agricultural scientific theories of Trofim Lysenko. He put ideology before science and sent many serious Soviet scientists into prison for disputing his nonsense – and sent
    soviet agriculture back, about 40 years, due to his cockamamie, ideology-based perversion of science.
    Is this how bad American colleges have now fallen?
    Someone should look up and publicly report this Eric Gutstein’s office address and home address, so the public, who pays his salary, can contact him.
    He is genuinely a dangerous character, who should not be on the public payroll.