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A Better Way to Ban Alex Jones




Policing the internet for offensive speech is a fool’s errand. But, writes David French, there is a body of standards that social media companies could apply to their platforms instead:

The good news is that tech companies don’t have to rely on vague, malleable and hotly contested definitions of hate speech to deal with conspiracy theorists like Mr. Jones. The far better option would be to prohibit libel or slander on their platforms.

To be sure, this would tie their hands more: Unlike “hate speech,” libel and slander have legal meanings. There is a long history of using libel and slander laws to protect especially private figures from false claims. It’s properly more difficult to use those laws to punish allegations directed at public figures, but even then there are limits on intentionally false factual claims.

It’s a high bar. But it’s a bar that respects the marketplace of ideas, avoids the politically charged battle over ever-shifting norms in language and culture and provides protection for aggrieved parties. Nor do tech companies have to wait for sometimes years long legal processes to work themselves out. They can use their greater degree of freedom to conduct their own investigations. Those investigations would rightly be based on concrete legal standards, not wholly subjective measures of offensiveness.

Private corporations can ban whoever they like. But if companies like Facebook are eager to navigate speech controversies in good faith, they would do well to learn from the centuries of legal developments in American law. When creating a true marketplace of ideas, why not let the First Amendment be your guide?

[David French, “A Better Way to Ban Alex Jones,” The New York Times, August 7]


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  1. That would be GREAT if it was applied equally to both the political LEFT as well as the RIGHT, but we see that isn’t happening now, and most likely wouldn’t be that way in the future.
    From it’s side of this argument, the Left has to rely on lies and innuendos to “con” the public, and to shut down any web site, Conservative or even neutral, that disagrees with the Left’s current mantra.