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Chicago state rep pleads for Emanuel and Trump to work together



CHICAGO – Democrat State Rep. LaShawn Ford reached out from his southside Chicago district through Fox & Friends Monday morning, begging for President Trump to work with Mayor Emanuel to bring resources back to Illinois and stop the slaughter of his constituents.

"Illinois is not a Trump-free zone," Ford said, despite Emanuel's constant criticism attacking Trump's policies.


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  1. The problem is many of these activists and leaders who the press interview only want “resources” which is a code word for state and federal grant money for their programs.
    What is really necessary is aggressive police action like “stop and frisk” with community support. It’s unclear what President Trump can do with the city officials and the 50 aldermen not making this a priority, last week the mayor was focused on new restaurants on the river walk. I just past a CTA bus which said “Rahm’s Readers” promoting the libraries.,
    Aside from police work, and community involvement, the increased taxes are making people leave the city, 14,000 less kids in Chicago public schools last year from year before. The property tax, state income year, pension mess, soda tax, water bill tax, license fees, and the silly 7 cent bag tax are all killing jobs and making businesses leave.
    Chicago politicians will not accept President Trumps Policies of making America great again so again not sure what the president can do when the mayor, 50 aldermen, and the community will not take steps to curb the violence. The chicago media is a big part of the problem. They spend hours on tv talking about the weather with little time on the offenders, suspects, shooters, felons, and trouble makers.,
    I hope and pray the violence will stop,

  2. Ford is a DEMOCRAT. As one, he should know better.
    With rabid Clinton-ista leftist Rahm Emanual as mayor, any compromise with Trump on ANYTHING is virtually impossible.
    He’ll be luck if his Democrat Party doesn’t disown him for even suggesting it.

  3. Uh, who cares what happens to the people of Chicago? What happens in Chicago should stay in Chicago. Chicago has made it clear it sees itself as its own nation state, welcoming criminal illegal aliens and every social degenerate. The rest of the country would not even notice if Chicago just ceased to exist. It is irrelevant to the world. It is pretty clear the rest of Illinois would be a much better place if Chicago ceased to exist.