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Evangelist Alveda King: Oh, Omarosa



1534168976WASHINGTON – In light of former White House employee Omarosa's new book that accuses President Trump of being out of control of his staff, unstable and dysfunctional – and an array of other allegations, evangelist Alveda King released this statement Monday morning:

I've been praying hard about the Omarosa situation.

I and a colleague had an opportunity to sit down with her at the White House a few months ago. I also had a few moments to chat with her on the President's Tour of the African American Museum, and had a photo with her in the Rose Garden at the signing of the religious freedom executive order.

At no time, on any of these occasions, did Omarosa express any of the concerns we are hearing about now. To the contrary, it's such a shame that we live in a society where someone would be comfortable writing and saying things like she is doing for money.

It is sad and so troubling that many have shunned Omarosa for having a long term business relationship as well as a friendship with POTUS to such an extent that she is now so desperate that she's willing to tell lies for money and to seek the good graces of whoever is willing to buy into these allegations.

It's so bad to see how far she's fallen that it's useless to even say anything negative against her. It is better to wish her the best and hope that as history continues to write itself, we will all learn the truth. It's undeniable that President Trump has done his best with her and other business associates; putting confidence into them to make opportunities for all to flourish.

As he continues in this presidency we will see more and more of his heart to truly make America great again.

In a perfect world, we would always want to say nice things about people. Since Omarosa and President Trump were supposed to be friends, this is a tough one.

"It is not an enemy who taunts me– I could bear that. It is not my foes who so arrogantly insult me– I could have hidden from them. Instead, it is you–my equal, my colleague and close friend." Psalms 55:12-13

It's easy to fight people you don't know but since they were colleagues and were on a first name basis, this one will require much prayer.

As to the allegations? So what? Where's the proof? It didn't seem to bother Omarosa so much when she was cashing the paychecks. No matter the outside pressure; she could have walked away any time. Or she could have been a better friend and pulled him to the side and said so if something was being done that was inappropriate. We can respect people like that.

We can also respect what we know for sure about President Trump. He is keeping his campaign promises. The job market is better for everyone. Unemployment is at an all-time low. Babies and children are safer inside and outside the womb. Justice and prison reform are happening. Prayer is returning to the public square…

My friends, keep praying for America.


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  1. Thank you for your balanced perspective. Your words calmed me from the distress I’ve felt about such a self-serving, opportunistic betrayal.
    I’ve noticed the large, diamond cross Omarosa always wears, but she isn’t Christlike. Her actions (past and present) are dark and even sinister. Trump was foolish to have trusted her, considering her reputation from “The Apprentice”. He sort of did this to himself if he has such poor discernment, or maybe he just prefers or respects the “killer instinct” over integrity.
    I am a Trump supporter. But he can be very disappointing to his supporters too.