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Gov launches “Fight for What’s Right” Tour



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Here's the governor's message as he travels the state: 



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  1. Is Rauner aware he is an credibly unattractive man and looks ridiculous in a flannel shirt and blue jeans. He is not one of the guys, he is an elitist ass with a domineering social elite wife who dictates his every move. If you want to be one of the guys Brucie, the first thing you have to do is get your pair out from the box on the mantle Diane keeps them in.

  2. I would like him to plaster the airwaves with that ridiculous commercial of him riding a motorcycle past dilapidated buildings. I could not get enough of watching him in his leather jacket riding a Harley. Hilarious. Has he never heard of Michael Dukakis?
    The only thing better would be watching the fat slob Pritzker do a commercial of him jogging along the lake shore. Unfortunately I think Pritzker is more self aware than the cartoon character Rauner.

  3. I have been associated with motorcycles for fifty-two years. A lot of fun, and many friends in the sport.
    Rauner wearing that ridiculous costume makes me sick.
    What does he think he is? A Hell’s Angel?
    That’s the true origin of those denim vests.

  4. I don’t know what a remake tour has to offer Gov. Rauner. When he ran the first time in 2016, his promises were just empty words upon taking office. Now we who were fooled into voting for Rauner in 2016 are to believe that Rauner will change his Democrat-striped-leanings to those that are appealing to all Republican voters,even conservative Republican voters who were angered over his rulings on moral issues.

  5. Hmmm….does anyone have any idea for any anti-Rauner campaign signs? I am not very good at crafting such things, but I certainly would like to make one. I wonder if Pritzker would spring for some never Rauner signs?

  6. How about “Rauner fights for what’s left”?
    As is “Left” or “what’s left after the past four years of saying he has no social agenda.”
    He claims he’s a fiscal conservative and a social moderate, but when he takes taxpayer dollars to fund his wife’s racial social agenda, he’s no fiscal conservative OR social moderate.

  7. P M, perhaps it is because people in this thread are doing nothing but attacking his clothes. How about a real debate about whether or not Republicans should or should not vote for Gov. Rauner. Like it or not, it is down to two real choices. If you think Republicans should either stay home or come out in support of Pritzker, then explain why. As a conservative, there is so much I don’t agree with Rauner on, and so much I am disappointed with, but I still believe that Rauner better represents me than does J.B. Pritzker. Besides, that I think those reps and senators that do represent me very well will have a much better chance of influencing Rauner than they ever could Pritzker. Well meaning Republicans can disagree with me, but what the heck does it have to do with how a man looks on a motorcycle.

  8. Don’t ever trust the polls.
    They can be manipulated by who they ask, what they ask, how where it’s asked, how it’s worded, and – best of all – how many of those polled give false replies.
    The ELECTION is itself a “poll,” and it’s the only one that matters.

  9. perhaps it is because people in this thread are doing nothing but attacking his clothes.
    There are a thousand other threads detailing exactly how Rauner has helped make this state unlivable. Now Rauner is nothing more than a cartoon character. People have explained why Republicans and conservatives should stay home or vote for McCann a thousand times. It’s not his responsibility to tell you yet again now that you’ve showed up for the first time. There’s a search engine. It’s all there.
    As a conservative, there is so much I don’t agree with Rauner on, and so much I am disappointed with, but I still believe that Rauner better represents me than does J.B. Pritzker.
    Translation: Put your big boy pants on and vote for Rauner. This is exactly like that tea party guy from Bartlett.
    what the heck does it have to do with how a man looks on a motorcycle.
    Rauner’s the one running the flipping ads with him sporting leather and riding a motorcycle past dilapidated buildings across the state!!! Why don’t you ask him what his riding a motorcycle has to do with the train wreck that has been the last four years in this state? Nobody did a painting of Rauner on a motorcycle. He hopped on it and paid the cameras to record him and paid the stations to air it. I suppose Rauner thinks wearing a leather coat and riding a Harley thinks it makes him seem like one of the guys but it really makes him look like a fool. Like Dukakis riding in a tank.

  10. There it is – the “BIG BOY” comment we’ve all been waiting for.
    Here’s my response this time: Only babies allow bullies to make them do things that make them ashamed of themselves later. I will not vote for Bruce Rauner. He has NOT earned my vote after slapping me and anyone else with principle. He despises what I stand for – and I despise what he does with the privilege of authority I and thousands of others gave him four years ago.
    Either the powers that be produce a candidate that respects his (or her) constiuency, or that candidate doesn’t get my vote. Period.
    The Big BOY ridiculousness is over. Illinois Republicans are shams that I will not assist.

  11. This.
    You knew it was coming. I wonder where the tea party guy from Bartlett has been.
    If Republicans wanted me to vote Republican they wouldn’t have nominated Mr. Not In Charge.
    I really don’t care what Pritzker and the Democrats do to this state. I have only a few more years and I’m gone, anyway. Pritzker may speed up my move.

  12. Don’t ever trust the polls.
    And this is what worries me: that the Clown Prince of the Illinois republican party may actually tighten up this race.
    You can see it with one of the posts above, the loyal Republican choice of two lapdogs doing his toadie routine to bolster RaunerTheIncompetent. I fear a lot of people will ultimately fall into the lesser of two evils trap and vote for Rauner and ultimately give Madigan another chance to hang the mantle of Illinois collapse around the Republican party’s neck. It is important that Illinois collapse happens under a Democrat Governor.

  13. I had to laugh at what some of the following commenters said about this comment – we were expecting another Rauner, “Put on your big-boy pants” post, or another Rauner, “At least you’ll have his ear,” appeal to conservatives.
    We heard that last time – and some conservative Republicans and Independent conservatives fell for it.
    Fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, shame on me.
    Never again!
    Rauner said conservatives would “have his ear.” Yet all his commission appointments were Democrat holdovers or friends of his liberal North Shore wife.
    Rauner made major overtures toward the La Raza, illegal immigrant lobby – made Illinois a “sanctuary state,” and now is lying to IL conservatives, denying that he did that.
    Rauner said “he had no social agenda.” And then made IL the most abortion-friendly state in the country, with government subsidized abortions.
    We could go on and on – but the bottom line is that the guy is a leftist poseur and who cares if there is a micro-mini-ounce of difference between him and the other liberal candidate?
    What President Reagan established in the 1980 election, is that there could be a winning coalition in the GOP with a fusion of Chamber of Commerce fiscally responsible types and socially conservative Evangelical Christians, Blue-collar Democrat Right-to-lifers and other socially conservative people.
    He set the template for massive electoral victories in 1980 and 1984.
    Rauner obviously doesn’t understand that. He thinks it’s a one-way street – i.e – I’ll work for the big-business, Chamber of Commerce, country-club investor crowd, and the stupid conservatives have no where else to go.
    Well, guess what? He narrowly pulled it off last time – but he’s electoral toast, this time.
    And “Frankly, my dear Bruce, we don’t give a damn.”

  14. Chase and Clint, awesome rebuttals to the “we need to vote for Rauner” B.S.
    Rauner needs to pull together his coalition of wealthy high society prisses, baby murderers, transgendered freaks, queer, social degenerates, illegal aliens and see if he can win office from the causes he championed.

  15. Don’t put words in my mouth, I never said your comment was off topic, my comment was to say Carl’s comment was on topic too. The pic above says “fighting for what’s right tour”. Carl’s comment, “Rauner supports Madigan and Cullerton baby killing values.” shows Rauner’s hypocrisy.