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Motorcycle enthusiasts endorse Rauner, scold critics for mocking Guv’s riding gear



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Those comments mocking Governor Rauner's helmet and riding gear in his recent campaign ad are not appreciated, Patrick "PJ" Jones, president of Chicago ABATE said in a statement Wednesday. ABATE – which stands for "A Brotherhood Aimed Toward Education" – describes itself as a "Motor Rights Organization."

Jones' rebuke of Rauner critics was included in an announcement of ABATE's state PAC's endorsement for Governor Bruce Rauner's re-election in November.

"Governor Rauner is a true motorcyclist, and we feel it's a slap in the face of all motorcyclists for someone to have called his riding apparel a COSTUME – we take our riding gear serious, and so does he," Jones said in a statement.

"The officers and members of the Chicago Chapter of ABATE of Illinois would like to congratulate Governor Bruce Rauner on this year’s endorsement by the Illinois ABATE State PAC committee," Jones said. "Bruce was a member before becoming Governor and has been a friend to all motorcyclists in the state. He has gone on many rides with the Chicago Chapter, and has supported many of the charities that we support including the Chicagoland Toys for Tots Parade and Shriners Hospitals."

Mike Fisher, Chairman of ABATE of Illinois PAC said Governor Rauner is committed to including the motorcycle community in relevant policy discussions. He also signed legislation to help increase the visibility of motorcycles on the road and helped the community raise funds for charitable causes.

"He has also promoted motorcycle tourism on Route 66 through his Annual Governor's Ride and supported legislation creating the Route 66 Motorcycle license plate," Fisher said. "ABATE of Illinois Political Action Committee is happy to endorse Governor Rauner for a second term."

The endorsement pleased Governor Rauner.

"I am proud to have received the endorsement of ABATE of Illinois. As a motorcycle enthusiast, I am an advocate for their mission of promoting education, safety, and freedom, and will continue to work to improve the safety of all Illinois motorists and riders in a second term as governor," Rauner said in response.

Illinois Review has inquired about Rauner's view on requiring helmets on motorcyclists, something Illinois does not mandate yet. The response will be included in an update, as soon as the Rauner campaign responds.



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  1. So are we suppose to care what a bunch of arrested adolescents who dress like one of the Village People and ride obnoxiously loud conveyance devices, in order to draw attention to themselves, think?
    That Rauner is also a member of the low-self esteem club comes as no surprise, he also seeks to draw attention to his pathetic self in order feel relevant.
    This SouthPark clip sums it up very well:

  2. That this group of idiots doesn’t think he looks like an idiot doesn’t mean he doesn’t look like an idiot.
    Can’t wait for him to show up in an MMA octagon sporting tattoos because it’s “our home, our fight”.
    No mention of Illinois population decline or job losses by the cyclists. Wonder what they think of Illinois credit rating.

  3. I am one motorcyclist, of over 50 years’ experience, who can no longer endorse Rauner.
    Motorcycles are a big part of my life, but not the ONLY part of my life.
    I was state-wide Secretary of the old Illinois State Motorcycle Association, which existed before ABATE was even thought of.
    There WAS a “mandatory helmet law” in Illinois for 17 months. It was the hard work of the ISMA that got that 1968 Illinois Helmet Law both repealed AND found unconstitutional within the same week of May, 1969.
    I have concerns in my life other than motorcycling, and Rauner has failed to meet them. That both of us ride motorcycles isn’t enough for him to retain my support, considering the laws he has signed this past year.

  4. It’s the dumbest thing to think that because you share a hobby that you should support him as candidate for governor.
    I’ve been eating my entire life. I very much enjoy eating. Obviously Pritzker has a passion for eating that few can match. We have that in common. Why on earth would that mean I should consider voting for him?
    This state is in a race to the bottom.

  5. ABATE is NOT “ALL” about politics. Further, I distinguish between lobbying concerning legislation and meddling in “politics” like the electoral variety, the latter being the Slippery Slope. From their website:
    “ABATE Mission / A Brotherhood Aimed Toward Education; A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois, Inc is organized for charitable, educational, civic, benevolent, social, and athletic purposes, including such purposes as the promotion of motorcycle use, acceptance, safety, and enjoyment. Said purposes include promoting of motorcycle interests of the corporation’s members and affiliates. Said corporation is further organized to undertake such interactions, including lobbying and litigation support, with various governmental bodies as may be necessary or desirable to promote the motorcycling interests of the corporation’s members and affiliates.”