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Illinois ranks as one of most anti-Trump states in new survey



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CHICAGO – If you've ever wondered why you don't see very many Trump bumper stickers or red MAGA caps when you're out and about in Illinois, well there's a reason: Trump isn't well-liked here, in case you haven't noticed.

In fact, Illinois is one of the nation's most anti-Trump states, according to a state-by-state approval rating poll released by Morning Consult. Illinois disapproves of Trump almost as much as Left Coast California and East Coast New York do.

In January 2017, 49% of Illinoisans approved of Trump. In July 2018, 38% approve of Trump and 58% disapprove.

Examples of Morning Consult findings from Illinois, California and New York:

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 2.50.54 PM

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 2.51.20 PM

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 2.52.06 PM

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 2.52.32 PM




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  1. The most disgusting thing is so few Republicans and Conservatives are wiling to go out and create “free our President” and other pro-Trump rallies.
    In terms of concrete measures Trump has been one of the greatest President of the post WWII era. It is disgusting the man does not get his props.

  2. I wish they included the percent of Republicans who approved of Donald Trump’s job. Living anywhere near Chicago makes it very exhausting to express your approval of Donald Trump, since we are called racists by the media, politicians and even our own friends who grew up with us. The hell with them all, racism and bigotry and hatred is not supporting Donald Trump, but rather it’s supporting the policies and politicians who wish to keep the neglected and poor in their pockets. Their attacks are misplaced.
    But here’s the rub, Republican leaders and politicians are afraid to stand up to this same criticism, and we are left feeling all alone. We need to seriously ask our party leaders this question? What policies of the Trump administration do you disapprove of? Dignity of Life? merit-based Immigration? Border Security? Reducing regulations on business? Asking our allies to pay their fair share? Fighting to put America first in foreign affairs? Putting conservative judges on the bench?

  3. Get the Hell out of the REAL HELL that is Chicago and you will find big numbers of Trump supporters.
    The polls can be manipulated by WHERE they are held, WHO they ask, and HOW they word the questions.
    I get so many of them on my phone that now I just hang up on them (or LIE to them.)

  4. Chicago is and always will be the “bane” of the State of Illinois. Their corruption is a case study for local, state,national, and world politicians on how to brutally control the public!

  5. I think the wrong Illinoisans are being polled regarding President Trump. I have been a big supporter of Trump from the very beginning in the primary when he was polling in the single digits. I knew he would make a great president even back then.

  6. One of the reasons for this is that the Chicago area has probably the most anti-Trump newsmedia in the country. In addition to that we have the worst state GOP in the country. It’s sad because Illinoisans should be fed up with what the Democrats have done to this state. But, alas, we will have to learn the hard way(state and local bankruptcy, stagnating economy, out-migration, more violence and degeneracy,etc.).

  7. The state with the worst financial picture in the
    nation, with the highest out-migration, with high
    school guidance councilors telling our kids not to
    consider Illinois state schools because of their
    financial instability, with the highest murder rate in
    the USA, —- is it any wonder that the people of
    Illinois hate Trump?
    Proud to be a deplorable!!!

  8. They aren’t really split anymore. They side with the city. You’re going to see that this November. Trump wasn’t the only Republican who lost DuPage County, so did RINO Kirk. That doesn’t get much attention. Plus the township election last year. Gone blue.

  9. What you wrote is like a perfect description of Winnebago County in a nutshell. A jumbo jet load of folks flee the place every year. A Republican President hasn’t won that hole in a decade and a half and that was only by a single point. A Republican President hasn’t won the place convincingly since Reagan. It’s nice to see that the working class folks of Madison County are smart enough to see through this state’s manure though. Welcome to the right side.

  10. Trump was exactly right when he said that, as a Republican, he was disadvantaged in the electoral college and that he had the biggest victory since Reagan. Based on this map and history, the GOP was guaranteed 210 electoral votes, the Democrats were guaranteed 284 electoral votes and 44 electoral votes were too close to call. Trump won almost 100 more electoral votes than Republicans are guaranteed.