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Governor calls for revved-up ground game as “most important election of his lifetime” nears




SPRINGFIELD – Wednesday, Governor Rauner spoke to supporters at the Governor's Day rally at the State Fair. He focused on the need for lower taxes, more jobs, and ending corruption. His speech highlights the clear distinction between him and Madigan's handpicked candidate JB Pritzker, his campaign office said in a press release distributed after the speech. 

Some excerpts from the governor's speech:

Every election is important. This one is the most important election of my lifetime. I've lived in Illinois since 1956, the year I was born. 62 years, I don't know of a more important election than this one. Everything is on the line, everything. The fundamental question: can we continue to fight back and break the stranglehold the Madigan Machine has had on our state? Can we break that lock hold and grow jobs, cut taxes, get term limits, end the corruption. Can we really continue on the battle to restore our state or will we fall backwards? Will we fall backwards? No. We are not going to fall backwards, we're not. We cannot let Madigan and Pritzker get total control of this state. That is going to mean more taxes, more corruption, more job losses, and a devastating future for our children and our grandchildren in the state of Illinois. We can't let that happen. We cannot let that happen. And this is the key time. 

The distinction couldn't be more stark. There is such a stark distinction, a simple choice, for the people of Illinois. And the reason we're going to win is our message is a unified message. Democrats want lower property taxes. Democrats want term limits. Honest Democrats not loyal to the Machine want the same changes that we do. 

…Pritzker and Madigan will continue the regime of regulations and punishing red tape, pushing job creators out of this state. I will fight them, cut the red tape, cut the regulations like we've been doing. We've grown 200,000 jobs, let's grow another million jobs in the next few years in the state of Illinois.

…What really matters is the ground game. What really matters is us getting out there and outworking these folks, and us having the message that every voter wants: lower taxes, more jobs, fighting corruption with term limits. That's the winning message. We get that message out and around, and we've put together the biggest ground game in Illinois history, the most phone calls made, the most doors knocked, and we go on to victory in November everybody. On to victory in November!



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  1. Yawn, who cares. What is the matter Brucie, can’t get enough queers and freaks to voter for you? Maybe some of those aborted children can vote for you – no that won’t work. Well maybe you will be saved by the motor-voter law or the Syrian refugees that have flooded out communities. Maybe Chicago will bail you out and vote for you since you bailed out their schools.
    Brucie, I know 2 of 12 Republican Precinct Committeemen who are willing to carry your literature. One the other hand i know 7 of those 12 who will be distributing palm cards for either McCann or Kash Jackson.
    We can’t stand you Bruce. Good riddance.

  2. If Rauner was honest, he would have backed Jeannie Ives. But he’s not so we will probably be stuck with Pritzker and if lucky, he will cause Illinois to financially crash and hit rock bottom with in 12 months so we can truly begin to rebuild.

  3. Note: “Most important election” in HIS lifetime.
    Not in OURS, because conservative Republicans no longer see much difference between Rauner and his opponent.
    That’s the price he pays for betraying the GOP platform and those who voted for him four years ago.

  4. Fall backwards? He acts like he changed the direction it was going. Taxes are higher. Sanctuary state. State funded abortions. Bailing out Chicago Public schools. He took Quinn’s agenda and moved it into overdrive.

  5. There is a stark distinction. Rauner is tall and thin. Pritzker is short and fat. There’s the distinction.
    Nobody is making calls for Rauner or walking for Rauner. Save your time and your money.

  6. and a devastating future for our children and our grandchildren in the state of Illinois.
    The thing is, Bruce, our children and grandchildren won’t be here. What responsible adult is going to tell their children to do anything other than leave Illinois?
    I know literally dozens of parents who told their children they don’t want them returning to home after graduating from college and to get out by finding an out of state company while in college.
    Illinois problems go beyond fiscal, it is simply a nasty state. This is not a state that is friendly to moral, heterosexual couples. Who in their right mind wants to raise their children in such a degenerate environment? And you, Brucie, lead the change in degeneracy and perversion.

  7. I know 2 of 12 Republican Precinct Committeemen who are willing to carry your literature. One the other hand i know 7 of those 12 who will be distributing palm cards for either McCann or Kash Jackson.
    This is fantastic news.

  8. 2016 was the most important election in our lifetimes. Brucey didn’t support his party’s candidate in the most important election of our lifetimes. We have 2022 Brucey. JB will have done all sorts of stuff by then.

  9. Correct.
    We can leave Illinois. I suspect most of us probably will. Much more difficult to leave the country.
    Rauner was AWOL or a traitor during the most important election of our lives.
    I will enjoy seeing him publicly humiliated in November.

  10. Even more than that, RINO Rauner – the ostensible Republican Governor of a major state, wouldn’t even go to the Republican national convention, where President Trump was nominated, nor to the Inaugural in Washington, DC – where the President of his party was sworn in.
    President Trump is now at 50% approval in the Rasmussen poll.
    No Illinois Trump voter should lift a finger – much less vote – for this foul leftist – Bruce Rauner.
    This North Shore leftist, Republican poseur, Bruce Rauner, is electoral toast.