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Obama endorses Pritzker for governor in new ad



"I am proud to endorse JB Pritzker to be the next governor of my home state of Illinois, and let me tell you why. It’s simple, JB gets things done," the former president says in a 1.26 YouTube ad released by the Pritzker campaign Monday.

Pritzker created "hundreds of new companies" and more than 7000 "good jobs," Obama says. 


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  1. Chase Gioberti is right on. Rauner has no chance of winning, and why should he with his unacceptable performance during his first term. Pritker will be a disaster and will put Illinois on the same track as CA, where the Republican Party has been all but eradicated. The blame for the situation can be placed on establishment Republicans, who value money received from Rauner to support his reelection, above supporting Jeanne Ives, a conservative Republican, when she challenged Rauner in Illinois’ March primary elections.

  2. Probably where they got the money to “pay for Obamacare” from: massive insurance premium hikes paid for by “rich people” who make $45,000 and above per year and got zero subsidies to pay for those premiums

  3. Nancy,
    All Ives could have accomplished is giving Madigan another Republican head to hang the collapse of Illinois on.
    What we all need to do, is do everything we can to accelerate the collapse of Illinois. You can do simple things like vowing not to eat out for 18 months and deprive the Government of that obscene tax revenue. Just taking out the restaurant options will greatly accelerate the collapse. Do your shopping and vacationing and day trips across the state line. Focus on bringing about the quick collapse of IL so if we get any recession the state is finished then. It is important to implode the pension system.

  4. Pritzker’s supposed to be running out the clock so bringing out the star player seems an odd move, and especially the one star who could convince some alienated GOP voters to return to Rauner. It tells me Pritzker’s not as confident in the African American vote that Trump might be cracking and Rahm’s succeeded in deeply offending.