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Obama Foundation Delays Chicago Presidential Library ANOTHER Year




Construction has stalled on the Obama Presidential Library until at least 2019 while the federal government reviews a rental scheme that allowed the Obama Foundation to build its library in the middle of a historic park and around major streets on Chicago's South Side.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Obama Foundation won't give a specific timeline for construction but expects to begin building in 2019, more than two years after the project was unveiled. The library campus, which includes a digital archive of former president Barack Obama's papers, meeting rooms, sports facilities, and a branch of the Chicago public library, is slated to open in 2021.



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  1. The corruption in this state is sickening. And this so called library will remain yet another black mark in this state. And edifice to corruption at the highest level. Obama overturned every mechanism of the government, from the IRS to the FBI against the people of this nation and IL rewards him with a monument to his corruption. Charming. I hope in the future, enlightened generations will demand, when they review history, that Obama’s library be torn down, as this is more of an affront to all people then the symbols of the south ever were.

  2. The museum can’t open until they find, and can exhibit, Obama’s REAL birth certificate, his college transcripts, the “foreign student” application he used to get a college
    scholarship, and the passport he used to get to Pakistan when it was illegal for a U.S. citizen to go there.
    (The design of that building brings a new dimension to the word “UGLY.”)

  3. Obama’s entire life has been shrouded in secrecy. What makes this any different.
    It all makes me wonder who/what Obama really is.
    Btw, since all of his records are locked up, what will he have to put in his library?