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Now 6th CD Dem claims “Nazis and racists in the White House”



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DuPAGE County – Sean Casten – the Democrat Barack Obama endorsed last week for IL's 6th CD, where he is challenging Illinois' incumbent Congressman Peter Roskam – appears to be seething with political rage because it's coming out in his stump speeches. 

Apparently, the former president – who is hitting the campaign trail and expected to come to Illinois to promote his endorsed candidates – also endorses Casten's extremist rhetoric and hysterical, unfounded accusations against Republican elected officials.

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This is the same Sean Casten that said during a debate with Peter Roskam that abortion should be viewed as "a medical procedure like gall bladder surgery."

Last week, Casten compared President Trump to Osama Bin Laden.

Now videos of Casten stump speeches before the Blue Movement bubbling up in DuPage County have hit national media sources. The Washington Free Beacon posted a disturbing video of Casten saying there are "Nazis and racists in the White House." 

These outrageous Leftist statements makes one wonder when Casten will be recorded endorsing socialism.

Polling says Roskam is leading by a mere point

AFTER THOUGHT: Here's Casten's response to Obama's endorsement: 

“I am humbled and honored to be supported by Illinois’ own, President Barack Obama” said Casten. “Like many, I miss a President who put facts over politics, brought affordable health care to millions of Americans, protected a woman’s right to choose, and created 75 straight months of job growth.”

“And as President Obama did, I believe in representing all Americans and take pride in the fact that so many Americans of all colors, genders and political persuasions are standing up for what’s right. From the Women’s March to the March for Science to the Parkland students, we are seeing people all over the country whose response to injustice is not to fold up their tent, but rather to fight for our founding principles. The arc of history is still too long, but it continues to bend in the right direction. Obama showed us how great we can be, and I look forward to continuing to advance his – and our – collective agenda.”


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  1. Calling US “Nazis and racists” is FUNNY, coming from the Democrat Party which has a long history of racism, and whose new “enforcement arm” is the “Antifa” Movement, which duplicates Nazi and KKK methods by physically attacking conservatives at Trump and GOP events.
    I guess the most polite thing I can say in reply to Casten’s remarks is:
    “Sean, you’re full of crap.”

  2. People should probably hold their noses and vote for RINO Roskam – only for President Trump’s sake.
    If Roskam had not spit into the faces of conservatives with his tacit support for wild levels of immigration into the US (he is a major backer of H1-B and H2-B cheap labor immigrant visas and did nothing on illegal immigration,) he wouldn’t be in dire electoral straits today.
    Should he lose to this leftist demagogue, he has no one other than himself to blame.

  3. Margret Sanger on September 14, 1879 was born. In 1916 she started Planned Parenthood. Her values trained Adolf Hitler and the KKK. Her goal was to reduce the Black population and other groups not to her liking. Killing by abortion is a value of the National Socialist Party (Democrat). Sean like Obama support baby killing. Particularly black babies are aborted.
    Black lives matter.
    Loves Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  4. People should probably hold their noses and vote for RINO Roskam – only for President Trump’s sake.
    Exactly. Trump is buying this country time. The only hope this nation has is to get the wall built. Between slowing down the invasion and Trump’s economic stewardship we have a narrow shot at keeping this nation (cal it 25%).
    Roskum is toadie, but Trump need bodies to fill seats. We need Roskum to keep Trump from being derailed.

  5. There is no question all Republicans in the 6th must vote for Roskam. Putting aside all the questionable positions he has taken over the past several years, he is light years to the right of Casten. A win in this district will surely be felt up and down the ballot for years to come, and give the left more confidence in all races going forward. DuPage is turning deep blue, I just didn’t think it could happen this quick.

  6. We see some of this “blue trend” in Kane County, too. But having the Cites of Elgin and Aurora here, with Democrat influences in both, it’s understandable.
    The problem is, as always, Chicago. High Chicago taxes and prices cause some Dems to migrate westward into DuPage and Kane Counties. BUT: their voting habits don’t change: “Grandpa and Dad were Democrats, so I, too, am a Democrat.”
    That’s called “Voting Democrat by heritage and habit.” Reason, logic and thought processes are not parts of that voting choice.