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Gov Rauner says Kavanaugh vote should be delayed




CHICAGO – Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner may have alienated more of the dwindling Republican support Friday morning when he said on WBEZ that the Kavanaugh vote should be delayed – a position the Democrats and radical Leftists are promoting with hopes of Democrats gaining the majority in the November 2018 election. 

Despite Kavanaugh having been through six FBI background checks over the years, and despite Senator Diane Feinstein holding onto the accusation until after all Senate hearings were held, Rauner agrees with the Democrats that the vote should be delayed. 

Rauner was very supportive of the US Supreme Court hearing that ruled in favor of Mark Janus over AFSCME – a position Kavanaugh would likely agree with. However, Rauner says he is "prochoice" on abortion – and that has become the biggest issue to pro-abortion advocates. They fear Roe Vs Wade could be overturned. Rauner himself has boasted the abortion funding bill he signed would protect Illinois abortion rights if Roe vs Wade were to be overturned.

WBEZ reporter Tony Arnold tweeted a "full quote" from Rauner during the radio show interview:

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 10.16.51 AM


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  1. He must have taken the under in a bet on how he would finish in this race. There’s nothing else that would explain his actions. Not even his stupidity. I can’t remember the last time he’s done a single thing that would enhance his vote totals in November. He was never going to win but he sure seems like he wants to set some sort of futility record.

  2. My thoughts: I’m unclear if Rauner wants to win this election, why on earth is he commenting on this case. I’ve asked several people today and they all indicated this statement will cost him support and votes.
    Many republicans want to find a reason to vote for Rauner often because Pritzker would be far worse. Protest votes for McCann and Jackson seem like poor alternatives, I’m more interested in Rauner campaign staff and who gives him advice. They should all be fired. The strategy of bashing Trump is a bad strategy.
    Again, these are just my thoughts. I’m no campaign strategist.
    I would recommend if he wishes to get more votes is get advice from the new informal leader if the Illinois Republican Party Jeannie Ives. She is promoting freeedom, liberty, and opportunity.

  3. As a precinct committee man, I was told that I should recommend that those in my precinct vote for Rauner. This makes it really difficult for me do so. McCann is the alternate. Why shouldn’t we vote for McCann, if Rauner, who calls himself a Republican, is against a Supreme Court justice that was appointed by a Republican President?

  4. I’ve yet to see one single poll, not a single one, where he’s above 30. That’s his ceiling! 30!!! McCann would have a much better shot than Bruce if Bruce quit right now. I can’t imagine where he’s at after this.

  5. Whoever “the joke is on you” is, he is most likely a Democratic, progressive troll who likes to leave silly messages on the Illinois Review website. “The joke is you” also left a silly comment on my article about O’Keefe and Kirk that was posted at Illinois Review this morning.

  6. I will say it again: Anyone that votes for Rauner is part of the problem! He loathes Conservatives and makes no effort to get their votes. Vote for McCann. If McCann gets a good chunk of the vote despite a poorly funded campaign the message will be sent that Conservatives will NOT be ignored by the IL GOP anymore.

  7. I heard that same crap when George Ryan first ran for governor. I had watched Ryan’s career from his days in the Illinois House, and it was obvious he could not be trusted.
    When he was nominated, I was only an Assistant Committeeman. Because I could not in good conscience support George Ryan, pressure was put on my Committeeman, by his employer no less, to DUMP me. I stepped out, but when my Committeeman retired he selected me to replace him, which I did for 12 years, eventually rising to Chairman of the organization.
    When George Ryan went to prison, I sent the newspapers to my predecessor’s boss. He then tried to be MY “best friend,” but that never happened.

  8. Rauner goal is to get Democrat votes. National Socialists have his values. Compare his voting record with McCann.
    You need a McCann yard sign to show your true values.
    Many people are giving out McCann yard signs. You can have some by phoning 847 471 8210 email
    [email protected]
    In God We Trust Carl Lambrecht

  9. Wow. A man indirectly responsible for the destruction of the Illinois Republican Party at a time when there was a chance, albeit a slight chance, to right the state. I recall that George proudly accepted the IEA NEA endorsement that year.

  10. If the allegations are so credible, then why didn’t Feinstein initiate an FBI investigation when she recvd her written statement. There is NO proof of any crime. She said he did it and he said he didn’t. Her words don’t carry more weight than Kavanaugh’s. This is the pure persecution of a conservative.
    If I were raped, I promise you I would remember who did it, where it happened, the exact date and who else if anyone was there. I don’t care how long ago it was. There are far too many holes in her story.

  11. As a precinct committee man, I was told that I should recommend that those in my precinct vote for Rauner. This makes it really difficult for me do so. McCann is the alternate. Why shouldn’t we vote for McCann, if Rauner, who calls himself a Republican, is against a Supreme Court justice that was appointed by a Republican President?
    Nancy, this precinct committeeman will never ever work for a baby murderer. Where I am, outside of the chairman, I cannot think of a single republican precinct committeeman(of the few remaining as 3/4 of our seats are vacant) who is working for Rauner, distributing literature etc. And I gave the Chairman a piece of my mind for his support of the despicable Bruce Rauner.
    Unfortunately, McCann has not campaigned. I have contacted his website several times and heard crickets. By now, I could have covered my precinct 3 times over, and started on another, knocking on doors, but his campaign has stood down. It is sad. Had McCann worked at it, he could have made a case for Rauner dropping out but as it is, I haven’t seen squat from McCann. Very disappointing.

  12. Hey Bruce – this is a lose-lose proposition. Your support of a delay is not going to win over any Democrats, most of whom despise you, and it only gives us conservatives yet another reason not to vote for you. Good job, Bruce. You just sealed the deal for me.
    For the first time in my 28 years as a resident of Illinois, I’m not voting for the Republican candidate for governor. I’m voting for McCann.

  13. Yes, McCann has exposed himself as being nothing more than a lazy slob. Too bad. I’ll probably vote for him or just vote for congress and skip governors race. He could have made it interesting.