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Kavanaugh to Judicial Committee: “I will not be intimidated into withdrawing from this process”




WASHINGTON – Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh wrote the US Senate Judicial Committee Monday, saying: "I will not be intimidated into withdrawing from this process. The coordinated effort to destroy my good name will not drive me out.” 

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  1. The UN delegates from countries with unfair trade practices with the US apparently don’t think its a “reality show” Presidency. They were squirming in their seats during President Trump’s speech today.
    The only reality show going on is a function of demagogues like Feinstein, Durbin, Schumer and the hysterical harpies of the Me-too crowd.

  2. But the UN delegates were snickering at him when he made the asinine claim about accomplishing more than any administration in U.S. history.
    You must be forgetting (or ignoring)all the leaks and drama coming out of the White House by people he appointed and the revolving door that is his staff. I thought he was supposed to choose only the best people. If they are the best, why do they keep leaving?

  3. The neo-Leninist Left cannot pass their foul collectivist agenda through the elected Peoples’ House and the Senate and have relied upon legislative ukases by the courts.
    They are about to lose that power for the next 40 years and have gone beserk with a vile campaign of character assassination against Kavanaugh and his family.
    Funny thing is – it is so extreme and transparent, that is burying any hope they had of taking the House in the forthcoming election.
    How do you spell BACKLASH?

  4. Very briefly it has to do with the restoration of the rule of law, prosecution of former officials guilty of war crimes & the missing 21 TRILLION DOLLARS ( Dr. Mark Skidmore-University of Michigan, also former auditor Catherine Austin Fitts)

  5. Well perhaps you would like to join me in investigating Democrat Congressman Mike Quigley’s Catholic high school antics and Democrat Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s alleged bedroom frolics with a female lobbyist for the Government of Turkey.
    Since this seems to be the new standard of which you approve – let’s work on this together.
    I can also recommend scores of male and female Democrat Cook County judges into whose high school and college backgrounds we should delve.
    So let’s go — smart guy!