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Multiculturalism Is Destroying Europe



Europeans need to start speaking out or watch their culture disappear. Will Witt explains!


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  1. DANK Haus – the German-American organization in Chicago (located at 4740 N. Western Ave. in Chicago) issued a statement, “We support the position of the (Merkel) Governnment of Germany on immigration.”
    The German/American Police Association of Chicago is considering the removal of their meetings from DANK Haus.
    German-Americans, should consider this.
    German-Americans thinking of using the DANK Haus banquet hall for their weddings, or other matters, should consider this.

  2. I’m told a jet aircraft load of undocumented comes in every night to a major southern airport carried by a
    major commercial air freight company under contract to
    a high level deep state operative group.

  3. Hungary under its resolute Prime Minister, Orban, has built a wall – and has manned it with troops. The other nations of the Visegrad countries, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland have told the EU, that they will not co-operate in their self-destruction. I.E. they will not take in muslim migrants.
    Austria has elected a new, young PM, who is Trump-like in refusing Merkel’s demands to take in muslim migrants, and is putting constraints on their activities in his country and working to expel those who are there.
    Switzerland has, thru popular referendum, voted itself out of the EU open borders, “Schengen Agreement.”
    And even in the foul Angela Merkel’s Deutschland itself, the Trump-like AfD (Alternative for Deutschland) party, has now emerged as the 3rd largest party, with elected members of Parliament in 15 of the 16 states – and is now threatening to enforce its way into the government.
    So there is hope for Europe.
    But particularly in the East.

  4. Western Civilization is doomed because “conservatives” care more about conservative means than conservative ends. They have alienated the very people that they need to preserve their civilization by swallowing whole the catechism of the laissez-faire cult. They continue to lose elections because they are incapable of building a lasting coalition with such a hidebound mentality towards economic issues.
    One can make the serious argument that FDR was indeed more truly conservative than most modern Republicans, including Reagan, as his economic policies were ones that help build up a thriving middle class that reproduced at a higher rate and was able to sustain itself for several generations. Just go to Warm Sorings, GA to his summer home and read and see some of the exhibits. This was a man who indeed cared about the American people and its middle class.
    Such ideas are practically a thought crime with “conservatives” though. It truly is a pathetic state of affairs in our party that the “ideas” of a few 18th century scribblers has taken such hold of them that they would rather stick to those rather limited ideas than be more pragmatic and find ways to build a lasting majority that is able to defeat the Cultural Marxists in our midst.
    if Western Civilization dies, it is the “conservatives” fault.