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The Green New Deal is Massive New Tax




The Green New Deal is really a plan for a massive tax increase. Jason Isaac writes:

[W]e are not going to figure out how to generate all the power we need and use in America from wind and solar in the next decade. We’re not even going to get close. We do not possess the technology to do this, and current advancements in technology are not remotely on pace to accomplish this in 10 years. The Left dismisses these inconvenient truths by calling the GND their “moonshot.” But the actual Moonshot took tremendous planning, time, money, and technological advances, none of which are present in this absurd proposal.

So if the Green New Deal won’t prevent the end of the world, what is the point of the plan? Simply put, it’s a massive tax on every American, now and in the future, to pay for the Left’s wish list of enormous government programs.

The centerpiece of the proposal is for taxpayers to take on truly unfathomable amounts of new debt. It then adds equal parts “wealth tax” and a carbon tax. Because we need energy to make or do anything and, as discussed, 80 percent of our energy comes from carbon-based fuels, a carbon tax is a tax on literally everything. It won’t matter if you’re rich, poor, or in the middle; it won’t matter if you’re a big or small business, an individual, a student, or have a family; it won’t matter if you live in Texas or California, New York, or Florida. Everybody pays.

The Green New Deal is a tax on everything we do, make, wear, eat, drink, drive, transport, import, export, and use. It will mean an enormous shift of resources away from people to the government for the express purpose of creating a massive new bureaucracy that will affect, if not control, nearly every aspect of our lives. It’s all there in the plan.

[Jason Isaac, “The Green New Deal Is a Massive Tax Hike,” Texas Public Policy Foundation, February 8]


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