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Illinoisans express overwhelming opposition to House Dems’ abortion bills


SPRINGFIELD – Observing what abortion advocates are successfully pushing into law in other states, thousands of Illinoisans stepped into action last week by filing witness slips online against similar proposals in the Illinois General Assembly. 

In ratios of over 20 to 1, Illinoisans said they opposed repealing Illinois' parental notification law (HB 2467). They also opposed HB 2495, an unprecedented proposal that would allow newborns in Illinois to die after botched abortions, minimize health department reporting, allow abortion referral fees and require private insurance companies pay for abortion procedures. 

Nearly 13,370 filed witness slips in opposition to HB 2495, compared to 603 in support. Over 12,000 filed in opposition to HB 2467, compared to less than 500 in support.  

Illinois Right to Life Action Chairman Ralph Rivera said he has never seen as many witness slips filed on a bill in all his time working as a lobbyist.

While Illinois parents must give permission for their minor children to get tattoos, piercings or tans in tanning beds, State Rep. Rep. Emanuel Chris Welch - Kelly M. Cassidy - Sara FeigenholtzRobyn Gabel and Debbie Meyers-Martin want minor Illinois girls to get abortions without their parents knowing about it.

HB 2467 was pushed Wednesday to the House "Informed Consent" sub-committee – usually meaning a "brick is on it," but it is still alive and available to be called for action at Speaker Madigan's nod. 

The bigger abortion bill – HB 2495 – has also been pushed to the "Informed Consent" sub-committee, but it has 40 Democrat co-sponsors listed:  Rep. Kelly M. Cassidy - Emanuel Chris Welch - Sara Feigenholtz - Marcus C. Evans, Jr. - Jehan Gordon-BoothThaddeus JonesKatie StuartElizabeth HernandezAnn M. WilliamsDeb ConroyMartin J. MoylanDaniel DidechMark L. WalkerAnne Stava-MurrayGregory HarrisAnna MoellerCelina VillanuevaDelia C. RamirezSonya M. HarperJustin SlaughterTheresa MahAaron M. OrtizBob MorganJennifer Gong-GershowitzWill GuzzardiRobyn GabelMichelle MussmanLamont J. Robinson, Jr.John ConnorJonathan CarrollRobert MartwickJaime M. Andrade, Jr.John C. D'AmicoLuis ArroyoMichael J. ZalewskiKarina VillaKathleen WillisWilliam DavisCarol Ammons and Debbie Meyers-Martin

Three co-sponsors removed their names from co-sponsoring: Reps. Rita Mayfield, LaToya Greenwood, and Camille Y. Lilly. There is opposition rising among doctors as to the bill provisions. 

Prolifers intend to turn up the heat and keep their outrage with the proposals center stage, according to insiders. There is concern that Illinois abortion lobby is waiting to later in the session to move the bills, after pro-lifers "cool down." 

A rally is scheduled for March 20th to oppose HB 2467 and HB 2495, hosted by Illinois Right to Life, the ProLife Action League and Illinois Family Institute. 

Another advocacy day is scheduled for April 4, according to the Diocese of Joliet's website.  


  1. So, Brendan, we’ll let the abortionists speak for the babies? Is that what you mean? Because you can believe the abortion industry is all over the Capitol pushing their views. Illinoisans – you know, the ones they want to pay for the abortions – should stay out of it? Really?

  2. Dred Scott and Roe v. Wade: Two Supreme Court Decisions Claiming Some People Have No Human Rights. Dred Scott said black slaves weren’t people, and Roe says born alive babies aren’t people. Both cases took to court by democrats… speaks volumes doesn’t it!

  3. I never thought I would live to see the day when killing a born-alive baby was called healthcare. The deceivers in state government promoting the proposed bill which would do just that very thing are trying to gaslight us. Gaslighting or gas-lighting is a form of mental and psychological abuse in which false information is presented as truth with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception, and sanity. It’s a cruel and vicious form of mind control. The tyrannical democrat-controlled Illinois legislature violates the Illinois constitution by proposing to deny Christians their protected right of free exercise of religion without discrimination which includes religious right of conscience. The lying left claims a full-term baby is not a person, how can anyone look at a full-term baby and make such a claim? Only an evil person would….
    Beware of those that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter; they are the enemy of truth.

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