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College of DuPage: April 2 ballot’s top two should be top two picks


By Frank Napolitano and Deanne Mazzochi –

The past 4 years witnessed dramatic change and great progress for the College of Du Page. At times the struggle to reverse a culture that had gone astray were difficult, but ultimately good government, real reform, and transparency won out. That's mostly because our residents and tax payers paid careful attention, and cast their votes in hopes we would right the ship and get us on course. We're pleased to say, with their great help and inspiration, we succeeded.

As the College enters a new phase of accountability and oversight (particularly for faculty contracts), the April 2nd consolidated election is an opportunity to reinforce a good governance legacy for COD to ensure the institution serves our students and the community as a whole.

We have carefully and scrupulously reviewed the candidates running for the privilege of serving on the College of Du Page Board of Trustees. We intentionally rejected the politically connected (and conflicted) insider the voters rightly rejected before so our real reform mindset could succeed. Knowing that the stakes are always very high and the responsibilities great; we have chosen to endorse two candidates who stand out, and will bring good ethics and balance to the Board: Annette Corrigan of Wheaton and Marc Incroci of Darien. They are the top two on the ballot, and should be your top two choices. Both have outstanding qualifications and resumes. Both are committed to the continuity of the policies that allow COD to return to being the premier Community College in our state and nation.

Annette Corrigan is a Wheaton community leader. As a married mother of four, she is passionate, qualified and possesses a strong legal background–particularly critical given the pre-reform Board's failure to comply with state transparency laws. She has a complete awareness of the challenges the college will face in both the short and long term; and keen understanding of how the college impacts the county’s taxpayers. Key among the reasons we are endorsing Annette because she has something her opponents do not: recent firsthand experience as a parent of a student with specific higher education needs that necessitate smaller class sizes and individualized attention to thrive, launch, and ultimately succeed. This, balanced against her sensitivity to the bottom-lines of the families and businesses funding College of DuPage will make her a valuable addition to the board.

Marc Incrocci is lifelong resident of DuPage County. He is committed to keeping tuition affordable for our students. Marc, who has been a leader in the Craftsman movement, has many innovative ideas about maintaining and increasing enrollment at COD. Since COD students are in incredible demand in the Business and Technology/Advanced Manufacturing area, he plans to be a champion for expanding access to our classes and job training within the trades; a key area where jobs exist and qualified applicants do not. It's a perfect mission where COD can provide concrete solutions and facilitate job growth. As a Director of Organization Development for a Transportation company, Marc understands the need for an educated and skilled workforce. This will lend itself very well to many of the College’s current initiatives including Project Hire-Ed and Guided Pathways.

After a deliberate and careful review, we are endorsing Annette Corrigan and Marc Incrocci for the College of DuPage Board. We hope you will join us in supporting them. Annette and Marc are position 1 and 2 on the ballot for College of DuPage Board of Trustees. They will both prove to be exceptional Trustees. 


Frank Napolitano and Deanne Mazzochi

Frank Napolitano is the current Chairman of the College of DuPage Board of Trustees. Deanne Mazzochi previously served as the Chairman of the College of DuPage Board, and presently serves as the State Representative for the 47th District in the Illinois General Assembly. Both were elected to the COD Board in 2015 as part of the "Clean Slate" reform team, and led the College out of its accreditation woes with the Higher Learning Commission.


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