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Iowa Bill Would Mandate Government Intrusion Into Homeschool Households




A proposed Iowa bill would require that homeschool families allow school and government officials into their homes to conduct health and wellness checks on their children. Introduced by Democrat State Representative Mary Mascher, H.F. 272 would mandate that homeschoolers report in regularly to local public school district officials, or face visits from social-service agents and other government officials.

Reads the text of the bill: “The board of directors of a school district shall conduct quarterly home visits to check on the health and safety of children located within the district who are receiving independent private instruction or private instruction.”

The bill stipulates that such visits “shall take place in the child’s residence with the consent of the parent, guardian, or legal custodian and an interview or observation of the child may be conducted.”



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  1. The is a battle going on, Here is what every parent and grand parent needs to ask themselves. Do you want your children and grand children forced into the same government approved indoctrination program that produced Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?
    It should be obvious the Government does not care about protecting children, in fact it has made it a goal to promote the open murder of them, what then is their interest? It is simple, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the mold they want your children cast in. if you don;t like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez then do not send your children to public schools, simple as that.