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Rep. Kinzinger defends the late John McCain in op-ed




Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 10.36.58 AMWASHINGTON DC – Illinois' U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger penned a defense of the late Senator John McCain Friday on Fox News.com, saying McCain was a mentor and hero to him. For the past three days, President Trump has publicly criticized Senator McCain and his family for disagreements the two held while McCain was still alive. 

Senator McCain most famously defied the President's efforts to overturn Obamacare when he appeared on the U.S. Senate floor before his death and with a thumbs-down motion defeated the measure. 

Kinzinger writes: 

John and I shared a similar world view and valued the freedoms that America provided us and millions of others. We agreed that America has a unique and important role in the world for human dignity and peace; to stand as a beacon of hope for others around the world.

The life of the Maverick McCain will be seen as a testament to the strength of the American character, and people around the world will forever see him as a symbol of courage, hope, and perseverance.

I still miss my friend, my mentor, and my hero, John McCain. I hope that we take the time to remember the importance of civil discourse, passion in one’s beliefs, and the value of American leadership. God knows America, and the world, need it now more than ever

The rest of the op-ed is HERE. 

Rep. Kinzinger is serving his fifth term in the U.S. House of Representatives. 


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  1. John “Keating FIve” McCain is you idea of a hero? John I repeatedly lied to my constituents to get elected? John, I dumped the wife who waited for me once she was inconvenient. Wow, you pick great heroes. John, grant them amnesty McCain who was all for starting wars all over the world but was not willing to defend his own country against invasion

  2. A dangerous war-monger who pulled this country into the Iraq and Syria quagmires and joked about bombing other countries(“bomb bomb Iran”). A self-serving globalist swamp critter masquerading as a conservative who cared about the American people. He mocked blue collar workers that lost their jobs due to unfair trade. He ridiculed Trump supporters and pretended to care about border security. He was a mean, petty, vindictive man and the world and this country are safer without him at the reigns of power.

  3. Adam,
    John McCain as your war hero I get, and I appreciate his service to this great country. But John McCain was no hero when it comes to conservative leadership, he should have been a Democrat but he pretended to be Republican. He had the chance to be a hero by not allowing his hate for Trump to determine that critical up or down vote. Instead his contempt for Trump became his contempt for the great country he defended when he gave the thumbs down. If he was a fan of Obama Care all along I might understand.
    John McCain lost his Hero tag for me and many others. To be bothered by a president who speaks his mind is weak, that is what the Left does. As a conservative embrace the results that Trump and this administration is producing! Stop whining and begin supporting!

  4. McCain was last in his class at Annapolis. He was to the Navy what Custer was to the Army.
    The Battle of the Little Big Horn defeat halted Custer from pursuing his political ambitions. McCain had two shots at the presidency and failed twice. His loss made Obama president. Painful. Still I am not convinced that McCain would not have made a worse president than Bush 43 or Obama.

  5. It took almost forty years before the whole dirty truth came out about John F. Kennedy.
    Same for Woodrow Wilson, same for Franklin D. Roosevelt.
    I predict that John McCain’s reputation won’t improve as more information comes out in the future, either.