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Oberweis: I support Trump’s policies, not his style



From Sen. Jim Oberweis Facebook page 

AURORA – State Senator Jim Oberweis (R-North Aurora), who is running to be the 2020 GOP candidate in the 14th CD, wants it made clear: he likes the policies Donald Trump is putting into place, while he doesn't like Trump's style.

The controversy arose on a Facebook discussion in which the question was asked whether Oberweis supported Trump. "I've asked several times, but he has never answered," said political activist Joe Ptak in the discussion. 

Oberweis saw the discussion online and called Illinois Review to straighten any misperceptions about his support for Trump.

"I don't like Trump's style, but I do like his policies," Oberweis said. " Many of his ideas are what I've been proposing for years – immigration, multi-state insurance plans – and I liked most of his tax plan. I support what the president is doing on those issues." 

Oberweis had just returned from a D.C. trip with IL GOP Co-Chairman Mark Shaw to visit with the likes of Supreme Court Justice Bret Kavanaugh, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio and members of the Illinois GOP Congressional delegation. He also stopped in to speak with the Trump Campaign and RNC officials. 

"The 14th CD will be one of the top three districts the Trump campaign wants to win back in 2020," Oberweis said. 

Democrat Lauren Underwood was part of the "Blue Tsunami" that swept Illinois in 2018, and her lining up with radical Leftists in Congress such as New York's Alexandria Osacio-Cortez could easily swing the normally-conservative 14th CD back to the polls and turn back red in 2020. 

Oberweis attributed the loss of the 14th CD in 2018 to a nasty GOP gubernatorial primary and the $170 million JB Pritzker spent on the general election to get out Democrat voters. 

That led to Oberweis saying he raised $100k within the last month and matched the donations, bringing his coffers up to $200k going into April. 

Had Oberweis spoken with former 14th CD Congressman Randy Hultgren as to whether he might want to regain the seat in 2020? Oberweis said he had reached out to Hultgren via email and text, and while Hultgren did not declare his intentions, he did offer opposition research about Lauren Underwood for Oberweis' campaign use. 

Thus far, Oberweis, military veteran Matt Quigley and State Rep. Allen Skillicorn (East Dundee) have made their intentions to run for the 14th CD GOP nomination known.


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  1. First of all, Hultgren wants to share opposition research on Underwood with Oberweis/ Tis to laugh! He never used any that ” research” in his race against Underwood. If he had, he would have explained to everyone how she never practiced as an RN for starters.
    Secondly, our perceptions about Oberweis’ feelings for our President were reinforced-not contradicted-by his statement criticizing Trump’s ” style.” Why not take the tack that even Tim Schneider did and simply say that you support him? Its clear that Oberweis is making this carefully worded distinction so that he can attempt to glom onto the moderate votes that alluded Hultgren. In the process though, he annoys the conservative base. When are we going to stop being taken for granted?

  2. Let me make this clear: I support Trump’s policies and I LOVE his style.
    I like Jim and respect his opinion but I disagree. This sounds more like a election talking point strategy formulated by those high price expert political consultants. Perhaps the same experts who helped Mark Kirk, Roskam, Hultgren, and Bruce Rauner, who by the way all lost. Of course Bruce Rauner was a never Trumper, in fact they say that he never said the word “Trump.”
    Rush Limbaugh recently did an interview on Fox News saying how he supported the president and says his use of twitter was the best way to get his message out. He indicated he had NO issues with his twitter and found many tweets amusing. I’ll try to find link to interview.
    I never heard a democrat say “I support Obama but I don’t like his style.” Never! I don’t recall republicans saying anything like this about Bush, Bush, or Reagan.
    For me this hedging is not a good strategy. ‘Maybe these consultants say you will win over this group called “Suburban women.” Or perhaps this other group we hear so much about “the independents.”
    In Illinois there is much talk of RINO and FAKE Republicans. It’s funny because I think I was in that thread with my friend Joe Ptak discussing this issue, I might ask Jim to re-evaluate his position and talking points on his support of my President. He might also want to hire some different consultants.
    I have supported Jim Oberweis in the past but I also like Allen Skillicorn who by the way attended the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington DC 4 weeks ago where we saw the president. About 30 of us from the Chicago area attended and support the president.,
    If you don’t suppport President Trump 100% you might not have my support and a large amount of the conservative base, those are the people who vote in primaries.,
    For me, I fully support my President Donald J Trump.
    And I LOVE his style.

  3. We elected Donald J. Trump to be Our President of the United States of America. This Man has Style, Policies, and Respect For We The People. He has been under constant attacks by the Leftists/Communists, before he took office and it appears, they are not done. Every attack on Him, is an attack on We The People.
    Now you come along and say you don’t like his “Style”. You Sir, have lost my support and respect. We did not Hire A Pretty Package, we Hired a Fighter, and a Fighter we have.
    I think you and a few other Republicans in this State of Illinois, do not have the Courage or Backbone to take a stand on Good vs Evil.

  4. For years I used to wonder why Republican Politicians like to play it safe and always take defensive positions…it then dawned me that Republicans Representatives are mostly suburbanites or from small and rural communities. Most have no street smarts…nor understand the law of the jungle…YOU NEVER DISS YOUR LEADER! Those in your own pack will immediately turn on you!
    On the streets, anybody that picks on your leader has an immediate problem with superior numbers that will retaliate. Outside of city street smart people…it is our military that has that same mentality…that is why nobody in the world dares to mess with them.
    It irritated the hell out of me after busting my butt helping to elect Bruce Rauner. I was totally done with Rauner the minute he did not show up to the Republican Party Convention to support our new republican Party leader and future President Trump. Any person that does not fully support my leader in politics…GETS NO SUPPORT FROM ME!!!
    I totally agree with my friend Mark Weyermuller…he gets it.
    BTW…I am supporting Navy veteran, and successful businessman, Matt Quigley, for the 14th Congressional District over Jim Oberweis. Matt Quigley is exceptionally bright and accomplished, and at 32 years of age (same as Underwood) he represents the potentially bright future of the Illinois Republican Party. There is no doubt in my mind that he will defeat Underwood. Jim Oberweis is a decent man, but he needs to stay focused in our state Senate. Lauren Underwood would defeat Oberweis, simply because he does not inspire passionate followers.
    Unfortunately, I believe Jim Oberweis lacks certain basic understanding about about how to support our leader in the middle of a war…here is a clue, STYLE is not a priority for a REAL LEADER.

  5. So, get me get this right, it a bad thing for a candidate to gain experience through repeated office runs and learn from his mistakes? In order to advance a conservative agenda in Congress, first you have to get to Congress. It appears to me Oberweis has learned that he needs to modify his messaging to appeal to a wider base.
    Oberweis did mange to win a statewide office against credible candidates with support organizations and with the force of Dan Proft’s political machine turned against him.
    That all being said, I am a Trump sycophant. I love Trump’s brusque personality and like nothing more than a testicle stomping, hair pulling, ear biting, eye gouging dirty fighter, we have that in Trump and America deserves a warrior to at least fight one last great fight for our nation. I am confident, knowing Jim, that he will support Trumps key initiatives. I know Trump loves his nation, and I know Jim loves it too. Different personalities to be sure, both a bit too liberal for my taste, but I also know neither man can be bought and that matters a great deal. With both of them it is all about the world they leave their grandchildren and yes a bit of ego, but America will always come first.

  6. Ok Mark, Now please enlighten all of us. Give us a list of Accomplishments that Mr Skillicorn has accomplished. After all we know in the REAL WORLD, you get a promotion BASED ON MERIT!
    NOT based on how you comb your hair! So again, I am waiting for the list of things that would be PROMOTE worthy of Allen Skillicorn going to the next level.

  7. I don’t like Oberweis’ style, which seems to consist of running away from any issue at the first sign of any heat.
    Trump’s style is why he’s winning on so many fronts. It’s why Trump is a winner and Oberweis is a perpetual loser. If Jim really goes for the 14th again it will be yet another loss. I’ve lost track of what number that will be.

  8. So Oberweis is what passes for a Conservative in Illinois? He can’t just come out and say he supports the President? How about the “style” of the Democrats? They are consumed with hatred. Why not mention the harassment and the constant insults and scurrilous attacks against the President from the Democrats when you come out and express your “support” for the President? What a coward.

  9. Yes; Jim Oberweis has been proposing for years – immigration, multi-state insurance plans, etc. for years. However; I’ll gladly take President Trump, both his results, and style to boot. And remember the mid-term election promise from the Democrats. We are not about impeachment. No; our focus will be on healthcare, infrastructure. No; first order of Democrat business in Congress was, and still is impeachment. You think voters will remember that in the 2020 election? Republican candidates have to have backbone, and both promise and deliver results. That has been refreshing about Trump.

  10. Agreed Joe Ptak. Matt Quigley is the right choice to run against Underwood. I would add Matt is a Turning Point USA member. Any confusion about his values should end that. Also I believe support can drawn from those young energetic adults. As a older person we need the infusion badly and Conservatives need to back him.

  11. Jennifer Nevins is correct/…it is a fact that Hultgren did NOT use the opposition research against Lauren Underwood. He was ill-advised and he did not have the leadership necessary to make a difference in his failed race.

  12. Jim Oberweis is a decent man but he represents everything Deomocrat socialists rally around and intimidate Republicans with. To them he is a rich white old man whon employes and exploits low wage earners. To which…Republicans go on the defesive right away instead of attacking those making accusations and false nerratives.
    Politics is a blood sport in Illinois…when you are attacked you must respond accordingly, with a greater bite and specifically against those who are atacking you.
    Republicans need to develop some STYLE in their politics…or as others would say…get some “cojones”.

  13. It’s bad when a loser keeps running for higher office and continues to make the loser label more entrenched. It is bad when voters view you as a loser who is never satisfied with your current job and you view your current job merely as a stepping stone to higher office.
    When has Oberweis won statewide office?

  14. You are correct, I mispoke, I meant a state office. The sentence should have read:
    …Oberweis did mange to win a state office against credible candidates…
    It is interesting that you refer to Oberweis as a loser. Generally that label is utilized in a much broader sense than in politics.
    I must say, the negativity in this thread is stunning

  15. It shouldn’t be stunning at all if you are in touch. Oberweis has cemented himself in the minds of people as a political loser over and over and over again. He couldn’t win this seat against the weak Foster before. Couple his loser history with his stupidly qualifying his support of President Trump and you have a recipe for entrenching that unemployed not-really-a-nurse who lived with her parents. Oberweis should do everyone a favor and stick to making dairy products.

  16. Matt Quigley has withdrawn from the 14th District congressional primary. This is posted on mchenrycountyblog.com (http://mchenrycountyblog.com/2019/04/06/14th-district-gop-candidate-matt-quigley-withdraws) and was announced on Quigley’s Facebook page late Friday night (https://www.facebook.com/mattquigleyforcongress).
    That means the remaining announced candidates are Jim Oberweis, Danny Malouf and Anthony Catella. Both Oberweis and Malouf have filed papers with the FEC as candidates. Allen Skillicorn has yet to file his papers, but he is acting like he is going to run. Catella is simply a non-factor.
    There are other candidates thinking about running for the 14th, in addition to Oberweis, Malouf, Catella and Skillicorn. In a recent (March 27) article in Roll Call, State Senator Sue Rezin’s name is being floated: “Political strategists with ties to the area also floated state Sen. Sue Rezin as a strong candidate.” The entire article can be viewed here: https://www.rollcall.com/news/campaigns/challengers-circle-democrats-work-hold-key-chicago-suburbs
    Jim Oberweis, while being a true American business success story, is simply unelectable to Congress or any other high profile office. 2008 was his year, when he had the entire Republican establishment with him, but he lost twice to Bill Foster. And now, Oberweis is simply too old. You don’t start congressional careers in your mid 70s (he’ll be 74 in the fall of 2020).
    Throw in his wife is a resident of the state of Florida, and we have a septuagenarian who has one foot out-the-door of Illinois.
    As for Skillicorn, he’s as unelectable as Oberweis without the personal wealth. Take it from someone who knows Allen Skillicorn more than most, Skillicorn’s former radio show host he co-hosted with: https://thefirstward.net/2019/02/08/quick-hits-february-8-2019
    Let’s hope Sue Rezin, or any other formidable candidate will come forward now that the only electable candidate who had a chance to beat Congresswoman Underwood has withdrawn.

  17. I am sure you are as disappointed with Matt Quigley’s withdrawal from this race as I am.
    Speaking of not supporting the leader, do you share the same sentiment concerning Allen Skillicorn endorsing the Libertarian candidate for governor instead of his running mate, Republican Bruce Rauner (http://mchenrycountyblog.com/2018/10/23/allen-skillicorn-endorses-libertarian-kash-jackson-for-governor)?
    Then Skillicorn had the nerve to do this in early January: http://mchenrycountyblog.com/2019/01/04/state-rep-allen-skillicorn-view-of-republican-partys-future
    With Quigley gone from this race, we need to hope Sue Rezin or some other credible tough candidate steps forward.

  18. If you were paying attention at all you would know that most people on this site, correctly, would have endorsed a stray dog ahead of Rauner.
    Also this article was widely ridiculed on this site (again, correctly IMHO). You can search the archives.

  19. You might recall, the greatest impediment to his election was the fact the leading republican contender refused to endorse him and that candidate had a fanatical following.
    I do not think Oberweis is a great candidate, but he has been vetted, he is trying to expand beyond his natural base, and most importantly, if he gets in he will support Trump’s agenda.
    I would suggest if you want to attack Oberweis on something you make it his policy weakness when it comes to he disposition of the so called Dreamers and family reunification, his position on dope smoking, or speed limits, but even in these you can see attempts to expand his voter appeal.
    Calling him a loser, is just unseemly given his pedigree and commitment to overall good government.

  20. First let me say that yes, I did like the president’s message and what he has done. That being said I do wish the president would stop all the personal attacks and think before he tweets. It does not help the conversation to attack others and he really should take a much more professional approach. I want him to win another 4 years.

  21. Your reply to the Falcon Crest fan is wrong. You are inferring Jim Oberweis’ 2008 losses to Bill Foster had to do with the leading Republican candidate in the same-day 2-primaries, then-State Senator Chris Lauzen, was why Oberweis lost the special election in early March and the General Election in November.
    Oberweis’ arrogance and entitlement mentality by him, and Denny Hastert’s former staffers who were working for Oberweis, cost Oberweis both elections after the February primary wins. While thoroughly winning both the special primary (56%-44%) and the general primary (56%-41%), Oberweis and team Hastert forgot you had to win in the general.
    What Lauzen did or did not do is immaterial. Oberweis was the candidate, and he had everything and everyone with him. Is it any wonder why Oberweis’ campaign staffers responded to the March loss to Foster with “…we didn’t see this coming.” unless they were busy measuring the curtains in Washington after the February primary, instead of focusing on winning the special election in March.
    And then, Oberweis, with nearly 8 months to figure out what went wrong, fix the problems and go out and win in November, he still lost in November! That result is not in sync with a successful businessman. Simply put, Oberweis showed everyone that despite his business successes, he has failed to make the move to Congress or any other high profile office.
    And now, Oberweis is impeded by his age. If Oberweis wins the primary in March, he will learn what it is like to lose to someone 40 years younger. Now commenter Gene Pushel gave a challenge to a supporter of Allen Skillicorn that seems like a good one to give to you. I’ll paraphrase.
    Give us a list of accomplishments that Mr. Oberweis has accomplished in the state senate. In the real world, meaning in November of 2020, you get a promotion based on merit, not on how much of your own money you will use to buy the primary like Bruce Rauner did. Please, share with us Oberweis’ accomplishments in Springfield. Outside of the 70 MPH speed limits we can drive on expressways and tollways, I cannot think of one, but I’m sure you can.

  22. Mark,
    I am sorry you disagree with Senator Oberweis on this. I don’t know the President personally but I do know Jim and have worked with him on his campaigns.
    Let me clear a few points up for you:
    1) If you know Jim — he does not surround himself with “high priced consultants”‘. In fact, he is an entrepeneur at heart and enjoys the art of negotiating. So I am pretty sure you are wrong on this point.
    2). Jim has shared the fiscal and conservative policies that the President has and stands for. Just because you don’t like how he worded this does not mean “someone crafted this message.” Take it for what it is and get on board with Jim for 2020. Stop the arguing and do something positive.
    3). I am a “Suburban Woman,” I do support our President and I do support Jim Oberweis 100%. I have been targeted by the Democrats. Do you know the D’s are so comfortable that they have decided to start mailing direct mail to women who have voted in the last 8 primaries as a Republican. I am the recipient of many pieces. I have never voted in a Democrat primary. (I have also shown up to vote in general election to find that I am no longer listed in my precinct and sat for 3 hours until they miraculously found my name and history.)
    This idle chitter chatter is not helpful. Let me know when you want to be part of the team. We can take this seat back if we all come together now.