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Commissioner calls on Cook Co prolifers to oppose abortion resolution before Board



Large_Cook_County_Board_sean_m_morrison_17th_districtCOOK COUNTY – A resolution confirming Illinois' radical new abortion measure under consideration in the Illinois General Assembly could receive additional support from the Cook County Board of Commissioners next week. 

Cook County Commissioner Sean Morrison – the only dissenting vote thus far – sent out the following note Friday afternoon, asking for prolifers to attend and speak up at next Wednesday's meeting:

My Democratic colleagues on the Cook County Board of Commissioners are pushing a resolution in support of Illinois House Bill 2495 & Senate Bill 25 "Reproductive Health Act" which backers and opponents agree would be the most liberal (and extreme) reproductive health care measure in the entire country. This resolution was quietly introduced on May 23 and sent to committee for approval in June. Of course, the pro-abortion supporters were notified in advance of this resolution and more than 30 of them were on-hand to speak in support of it.  Unfortunately, I was the only dissenting "NO" vote to send this resolution to committee and the lone dissenting voice in the entire boardroom… Outnumbered 50 to 1.

The resolution was assigned a committee hearing date so now people who oppose HB 2495 & SB 25 and the massive expansion of abortion will have the opportunity to publicly voice their sentiments on the record before the Cook County Board of Commissioners. I strongly urge you to attend this meeting and provide public testimony on this item.
The resolution is listed as Item 19-3758 and will be called before the Legislation & Intergovernmental Committee on Wednesday, June 5 at 11:30AM in the Cook County Board Room (5th Floor) of the Cook County Building located at 118 N. Clark Street in Chicago. 
Morrison included a link to sign-up for public testimony or submit a written statement if unable to attend in-person.


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  1. It is difficult for Babies to live after the Holocaust in USA. Done by people not any different than the ones who created the Holocaust in Europe.
    They are really worse and more cruel.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  2. Commissioner Morrison, God BLESS you for your dissenting vote! My hearts been so broken with this demonic legislation being pushed forward. I wish I could be there on Weds. but sadly I can not. However I WILL submit a written statement to voice my feelings and desire that this NOT become the law in my home state.

  3. Sean:
    I have signed up to speak this Wednesday 11:30 Cook County meeting in your support. It is a long commute from where I live, but I’m taking the day off work, heading down town via train, making way to Cook County Offices and getting 3 minutes in. Thanks for standing and know you are not alone.
    rich ligthart, former executive director crisis pregnancy center, specialist post-abortive ministry care

  4. Now more than ever, the Serenity Prayer comforts those who are Pro-life. I really can’t understand those who believe that ending a child’s life is the solution to any problem. God is the author of all life, so life is a blessing, no matter what. We must never give up on promoting this issue and praying for the conversion of so many pro-choice people, who God loves just as much as any of us. Trying not to sound judgmental here, but God loves all of his creations equally. Hard for us humans to understand this as we find it very hard to love others that would kill a child. But hold on to God’s hope and his undying mercy. He’s just waiting for all of us to repent, turn back to Him, and take care of each other. Let us move forward with love in our hearts and faith in God that He will guide all people to do His will in taking care of ALL His people. The born and the unborn.

  5. Thank you Commissioner Morrison!
    Thank you for your courage to speak up against this evil…even if you are the lone voice of reason and compassion !
    I am a birth mother who gave up her son for adoption in 1969.After 43 years he came and found me 7 years ago. What a joy !
    God Bless you !Dolores Puschautz
    I hope to either be there tomorrow or send a message.