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Rossi: Time to Take the Gloves Off GOP!



By Randy Rossi - 

Lake County, Illinois, and even the great USA are at the razors edge of disaster because while the Democrats have been brutal and followed Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” to push their ultra-liberal/socialist agenda which is bankrupting our county, state, and country and attacking our fundamental rights; too many Republicans continue to play by the “Nice Guy Rules”. Sadly in our new “Fake News” and social media world, the “Nice Guy Rules” simply won’t work anymore. The GOP “wipe-out” in Illinois and Lake County in the last election is a perfect example of that.

On the other hand, President Trump has shown us that “playing hardball” and “taking the gloves off” can and does work against Democrats and does get the job done. While I personally don’t like Trump’s style, I do love his results and I now understand that in our new “Fake News” world; his tough style is what is required to win and protect our economy, our nation, and our values. After all, what rational American doesn’t love the fact that we now have the lowest Black, Hispanic, Asian, and female unemployment in 49 years and Blacks got a 9% wage increase under President Trump? I have come to realize that Bill Bennet was right when he was asked about President Trump’s style and said “Sometimes you need a Mother Theresa and sometimes you need a Dirty Harry”. Today because Democrats have gone so far left and have shown that they will break every civilized rule to push their socialist agenda, we need more Dirty Harrys in Lake County, Illinois, and in Washington DC!

If you want to see how low Democrats have gone, just look at the “Russian Collusion Hoax”. For over two years, the Dems and the “Fake News” have been yelling at the top of their lungs that President Trump colluded with Russia to beat Hillary Clinton. We now know that under the Obama administration; the FBI, DOJ, and the CIA used a phony “dossier” from Russia which was bought and paid for by Hillary and the DNC to get FISA warrants to start that “Russian Hoax” investigation to distract and slander our president. The good news is that President Trump fought back very hard and the Mueller Report proved that “There was no collusion with Russia by President Trump, the Trump campaign, or any other American”. Now Democrats are trying to “reboot” their attacks and claim that President Trump obstructed justice or is now involved in a “cover-up”. But because President Trump is a fighter and not a “nice guy”, Democrats are scared to death that the new investigations by Trump’s AG William Barr will prove that the highest executives at the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and other Obama executives abused their power to illegally get those FISA warrants and tried to illegally overturn the voters choice of Trump for president.

It is now time for the GOP to play hardball. New Gallup polls showed that 43% of Americans, 48% of Millennials, and 52% of Generation Zs prefer some form of socialism and only 51% of Americans are against all forms of socialism. That should scare the heck out of any rational American because we are only two percentage points away from being Venezuela! Illinois is the most bankrupt state in the Union and people and businesses are fleeing our state. Knowing this, every rational business person in Illinois should be an intense supporter of the GOP! Yet the Republican Party in Illinois has done a horrible job of informing the people of Illinois how dangerous Democrats are to our economy and our jobs. That’s because they follow the “Nice Guy Rules” and try not to “ruffle feathers”. No more “Mr. Nice Guy” GOP!

Here is the good news. Conservatives are starting to wake up not just in America; but across the globe and the opinion polls are getting it wrong. Israel’s conservative Prime Minster Netanyahu was supposed to lose his reelection but he won. Australia’s conservative candidate for prime minister was supposed to lose but he just won big time. In the EU Parliament election this week, conservatives won big time because Europeans are tired of the “elite globalists” in Brussels running the show. Voter turnout was the highest they have seen in 20 years. What the opinion poll results do show is that conservatives don’t like to answer opinion polls so they are underrepresented in polling results. But they realize that their conservative values and the futures of their children are in danger if these liberal socialists are allowed to run the show. So they vote conservative at the polls where it counts!

Republicans should not play by the immoral “Rules for Radicals” that Democrats follow, but they do need to counter attack the Dem’s dishonest attacks on the truth and our values aggressively with the truth. Republicans need to clearly explain how Democrats will destroy our economy and our kid’s futures. They need to explain that President Trump was right and we do indeed need to “Make America Great Again”. We also need to “Make Illinois Great Again” so that President Abraham Lincoln can look down from Heaven and be proud of our state again! No more “Mr. Nice Guy” GOP! This election is for “All the Marbles”! Every responsible citizen needs to pay attention, stay involved, and give the GOP their total support. As Pericles said over 2,400 years ago, “Any citizen that doesn’t pay attention to politics has no right to live in Athens”. At this critical time, that same rule applies to every American and every citizen of Illinois as we look over the cliff of disaster that Democrats would bring our county, state, and country!

Then if the GOP wins and gets Lake County, Illinois, and America back on track to following the traditional American values that made America the greatest nation in the history of the world, maybe we can go back to following the “Nice Guy Rules”!


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  1. It all starts with the truth, and in this case, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood is being exposed. Check out the Congressional Leadership Fund’s new website:
    Check out where Underwood will be spending the early part of the August recess:
    Yes, she will be speaking at a low-dollar event in the Mission District of San Francisco in the heart of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district! And don’t think she is doing only 1 appearance. She’s got to be mining the liberal fundraising havens of California, both northern and southern (Underwood’s roommate in D.C. is a congresswoman from southern California).
    But the truth is getting out:
    And also here, concerning Underwood’s legislation to raise the SALT limits:
    The truth cannot harm us.

  2. Narcotics and Baby killing do not represent moral values. Yet that is what we see in Illinois. This needs to be corrected by Democrats and Republicans.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  3. You lost me at ” While I personally don’t like Trump’s style”.
    Why do “Republicans” always have to qualify their support of President Trump?
    You never heard a single Democrat say “I don’t like Obama’s arrogance or narcissism or agitation but I support his policies.”
    You never heard a single Republican say “I don’t like Bush’s torture of the English language but I support his policies.”
    I question how committed to MAGA policies these people really are.