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IL Dems Underwood, Casten and Bustos vote to provide amnesty for gang members




WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Democrat majority in the U.S. House passed a measure Wednesday that would provide amnesty for those who entered the country skirting federal laws – part of a "comprehensive" approach to reforming the nation's immigration laws. 

Illinois Democrats – including Rep. Cheri Bustos (17 CD), Lauren Underwood (14 CD) and Sean Casten (6 CD)voted against a Republican effort to close a loophole in H.R. 6 that allows members of criminal street gangs to earn citizenship.

"Their shameful decision proves they have no issue putting the rights of criminal illegal immigrants before those of law-abiding citizens," NRCC Spokeman Michael McAdams said in a press release.“Every voter will be constantly reminded that the socialist Democrats voted to grant citizenship to dangerous gang members.”

Bost opposes

When H.R. 6 came before the full U.S. House, Republican House members, including U.S. Rep. Mike Bost (12 CD) and Darin LaHood (18 CD) voted against he House Democrats’ plan, called the American Dream and Promise Act, that would offer no provisions for additional border enforcement and cost taxpayers an estimated $34.6 billion.

“Plain and simple, Nancy Pelosi’s immigration plan rewards people for breaking our laws,” said Bost. “It puts those who come here illegally ahead of those who respect our immigration process. I believe we have a humanitarian and national security crisis on our border, and I’ve voted twice to fix it. Unfortunately, this bill fails to fix the problem, leaves our border unsecured, and costs the taxpayers tens of billions of dollars in the process.  We must do better.”

LaHood also opposed the measure. 

“Both Republicans and Democrats in Washington recognize the need to reform our broken immigration system, yet the legislation put forth by Democrats today will only exacerbate the ongoing humanitarian crisis we are seeing at our southern border,” Rep. LaHood said. “In just the last month alone, Customs and Border Protection has averaged over 4,500 apprehensions of people per day at the southern border. Congress should be investing in infrastructure to bolster security at the southern border, fixing loopholes in our current immigration laws, and giving Border Patrol agents the resources they’ve requested to keep our country safe. This bill fails to address any of these issues.”

The Humanitarian Crisis at the Southern Border

  • The number of individuals apprehended at the border in this fiscal year (last seven months) has already surpassed every fiscal year since 2009
  • In May, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) apprehended over 4,500 individuals per day on average
  • Border Patrol has encountered over 180 large groups (groups with over 100 individuals)
  • CBP has identified over 3,000 potentially fraudulent family units, with aliens either borrowing, renting, or buying children because they know they will be allowed into the United States

H.R. 6 Fails to Address the Crisis

  • H.R. 6 will provide mass amnesty to millions of people
  • H.R. 6 will encourage fraudulent green card applications, as individuals can withdrawal applications without any repercussions
  • H.R. 6 does not include enforcement provisions and does not exclude individuals who have committed immigration fraud

Despite passing the House with overwhelming Democrat support, H.R. 6 is expected to face strong opposition in the U.S. Senate.


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  1. And speaking of Casten, he is quoted in an article this morning to be supporting a congressional pay raise for members and their staffs that is part of a big spending legislation Democratic leadership is proposing:
    After what just happened here in Illinois, one wonders if our congressional delegation is emboldened to do the same at the federal level.
    H/T to the Congressional Leadership Fund for pointing out this story.

  2. The suntimes article includes this quote:
    “Trumpism,” the “effort to equate immigrants with criminals.”
    And most often they are. Let’s be clear, if you are not in this country legally you are a criminal -period. It doesn’t matter if your parents brought you here, you are still a criminal.
    And if you assist anyone you reasonably believe is an illegal alien you are also a criminal. Pretty basic stuff.

  3. Serving on a Grand Jury is an interesting experience.
    About 85 percent of the cases I heard were of Hispanics who were driving drunk, on suspended licenses, no insurance, and were repeat offenders for all of the above, sometimes five, six or seven times. Maybe it’s “just an ETHNIC thing?”
    Once pulled over and arrested for traffic offenses, police searches of their vehicles discovered marijuana, cocaine and opioids in addition to the usual “open liquor in the car.”

    Given Oberweis is running for the Republican nomination for the 14th congressional district next year for the chance to challenge Congresswoman Lauren Underwood, could Oberweis explain why, 11 1/2 years later, he still uses his image of accepting Denny Hastert’s endorsement as his profile pic on his Facebook pages, and on his campaign website (Jim2020.com)?
    Here is the full pic:
    Oberweis, please nip this in the bud now. Bad enough Underwood misrepresented herself as a nurse, but you highlighting your pic when the now disgraced Denny Hastert endorsed you for the 2008 races? I can hardly tell the difference which one is worse.