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PBS documentary shows woman killing her unborn twins like it’s nothing at all



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A PBS documentary is going viral on the internet Tuesday for its chilling depiction of a pregnant woman nonchalantly taking the abortion pill to terminate her twin pregnancies.

Pro-life activist Obianuju Ekeocha shared a snippet of the documentary on Twitter Monday, captioning it, "This PBS documentary airbrushes abortion to make it look like some healthy new age practice."

"The woman in blue is pregnant with twins and she is filmed here taking the abortion pill to kill them," she explained. "You witness their killing.

"And," Ekeocha added, "her statement at the end is chilling."



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  1. Yeah…exactly the type of woman I would select to be the mother of my children…I have thought for decades that any women who has an abortion should have it recorded in a database as a matter of law that could be accessed via the woman’s consent by any man who wants to make the inquiry. My personal view is a man has a right to know if a woman has had an abortion before he proposes marriage as the general purpose of marriage is to create a climate for the rearing of children. I know I would discard a woman who murdered her own child as a matter of convenience out of hand.