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WebMD Misleads on Agriculture and Climate Change



UnnamedSome readers of a recent article published by WebMD titled “Will Climate Change Cause Food Sources to Dwindle?” might be fooled into thinking the author intends to carefully weigh the evidence about this important topic.  But a closer look clearly reveals the purpose of the story is to promote a one-sided, sloppy, alarmist view of the purported threat posed to agriculture from climate change.

Feeding the world’s hungry ranks among the greatest difficulties humankind has experienced throughout its history, and with the world’s population expected to top nine billion around 2100, this challenge could grow in the coming decades. Unfortunately, the WebMD article ignored the overwhelming amount of data and evidence that increased carbon dioxide levels and the modest warming Earth has experienced is helping feed the world, not leading to starvation or malnutrition.



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  1. Midwestern floods run across soils because these soils can no longer hold the same amount of rain due to modern agriculture practices.
    It is a myth we must continue to grow food the Monsanto-way to feed the world. Feeding is about nourishment, not calories. What we largely grow in the Midwest today is not a nourishing food, but a caloric food. Human soil management knowledge runs far deeper than the shallow soil management practices we are using today. It is too bad WebMD fails to recognize the nutritional deficiency of these agricultural practices leads to disease and high health costs.
    It is also too bad WebMD presumes climate change, a.k.a., global warming, is an existential threat, because it is not! Neither is CO2 a pollutant. Should the state regulate the common gas humans exhale, NO! Does this WebMD article have merit as to the effect current agriculture practices have on the soil and carbon as a whole, YES!
    The powers that be want Americans so polarized and divided we are unable to think beyond our current conditioning. Study the below-linked website for more on this topic. http://thehealthadvantage.com/index.php/Site/BewareTheGreenNewDeal