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Wheeling’s political rising star Charlie Kirk leaves home



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TPUSA's Charlie Kirk with VP Mike Pence earlier this year in Rosemont

WHEELING – Born and raised in north suburban Wheeling, now world-renowned political rising star Charlie Kirk announces in his hometown paper that he's officially moved to Florida. The founder of Turning Point USA writes in the Daily Herald:

This is something I have been contemplating for awhile, but a combination of family, friends, loyalty and simple inertia have held me back from making the move. The results of the 2018 elections in Illinois and the rise to power of those who believe in growing the size of government, increasing regulations and strengthening labor unions — all at the expense of the individual, entrepreneurs and businesses — all helped make the choice relatively straightforward for me.

In some ways, I don't feel like I'm leaving Illinois. I feel as though Illinois left me.

When I started Turning Point USA right here in this state nearly seven years ago, there were many Illinois citizens who provided critical donations. This is the state in which TPUSA was born, but it is now the state from which those early donors have fled. TPUSA has also fled, taking its 150 employees and $15 million budget along with it.

Now I feel I now have no choice but to leave, too.

Kirk says he's one of many millennials who are leaving Illinois to keep more of their hard-earned income. What does he see as the key fuel for Illinois' downward spiral?

The politicians are addicted to the power that comes with increased regulatory control, high taxes and sweet-sounding promises they know they can never fulfill. Like any other addict, rock-bottom will have to be hit before there can be a true awakening.

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