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Jim Oberweis says spending is a big reason why he’s running for Congress



Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 4.25.40 PMBOLINGBROOK – State Senator Jim Oberweis (R-Aurora) says lawmaker spending is a big reason why he's running for US Congress in the 14th CD.

The 14th CD's current Congress member is Lauren Underwood, a Democrat with little experience and learning the ropes from fellow first term Congress members Alexandria Osasio-Cortes, Ihman Ohmar and Rashid Tlaid. 

Wearing a MIGA hat, Oberweis says he wants to "Make Illinois Great Again" – and he says it's okay to say "Mi Ga" or "MY Ga". 

Oberweis attended the Illinois Conservative Activist Conference Saturday, shook a lot of hands, and passed out Oberweis ice cream treats.

His short interview with IR is below the fold:


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  1. ??? Looks like Jim lost a lot of weight? What the kittens? I hope that was an intentional weight loss. Jim is a good man, he just has likeability problems. He is a friend and if he asks I will back his play, but Catalina Lauf has certainly caught my attention. I think she is the future of the party.

  2. The IL-14 has 7 candidates who’ve announced: Anthony Catella, Ted Gradel, Catalina Lauf, Danny Malouf, James Marter, Jim Oberweis and Sue Rezin.
    Given the candidates, should be a great campaign.
    So Jim Oberweis continues to cling to the false assumption of “…if I can beat Durbin [in the 14th district in the 2014 election], I can beat Underwood.”
    That 2014 U.S. Senate election Oberweis refers to when he lost to Durbin statewide was a completely different time and a very different electorate during a Republican year, and most notably, was not a presidential election.
    Discerning voters know IL-14 demographics have changed significantly since 2014. Had he done what he described in 2018, then Oberweis’ claim would have some credibility.
    The euphoria over Catalina’s entry into the IL-14 race will soon die down, and then it’ll be a good old-fashioned, with 21st century campaigning tools, campaign where the substance and message of all the candidates will be fairly evaluated by discerning primary voters.
    And we’ll all be better for it.

  3. IL-14 voters are more interested in Jim Oberweis filing his House Ethics Financial Disclosure Statement which was due back on May 15 and is now 3 1/2 months late.
    And yes, I’ve asked his campaign multiple times when he will file his report, or at least apply for an extension, but he won’t reply.
    IL-14 voters will want to winnow their prospective choices in the primary, and a candidate not complying with House Ethics rules for congressional candidates gives them a good reason to look at one of the other six candidates.
    Oberweis’ campaign cannot try to ignore this, he simply needs to comply with the Ethics in Government Law and file his Financial Disclosure report (or file for an extension) that all of us can see online.

  4. Per an earlier comment, I’m writing now to say Jim Oberweis DID file a Financial Disclosure Statement. It was submitted to the House Clerk’s office Wednesday afternoon, and should be up for public inspection by tomorrow, or Tuesday at the latest.

  5. Go to her website and read her story.
    Watch the video.
    Here is a snippet.
    Growing up in Chicago to depression-era parents Catalina’s father worked multiple jobs and put himself through college. A true patriot and entrepreneur, he taught his daughters the lessons of owning a small business, always with the motto, “We live in America and here, you don’t wait for something to happen, or someone to give it to you. YOU make it happen.” 
    Together, her parents created the American Dream for Catalina and her older sister, Madeline. They instilled in their daughters the same values that brought them together despite their cultural differences – strong morals, personal responsibility and an unapologetic love for the United States of America and all it represents.

    The Republican party must capture a large portion of immigrant and children of immigrants vote. The reality is people identify more with people who share at least a portion of their story.
    This young lady has an incredible story to sell.