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North Carolina Paves Way for Patient Freedom



UnnamedEvery year, millions of Americans needlessly suffer from debilitating diseases because the process of bringing new drugs to patients is hopelessly outdated and convoluted. Fortunately, federal legislation known as Right to Try (RTT) was passed into law in 2017. In essence, RTT allows terminally ill patients access to some unapproved therapies. As RTT was a successful step toward patient freedom there are still improvements to be made to expedite the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) drug approval process. RTT effectively started the discussion around the shortfalls of the current FDA drug approval process and drew attention to the need for reform. 

As the North Carolina Legislature concluded its 2019 legislative session, Republicans and Democrats came together in support of patient freedom and further reform by passing House Bill 934, which was signed into law in July by Gov. Roy Cooper (D). 



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