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Rossi: Dem Candidates Go Loony Left on Climate Change



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By Randy Rossi - 

Just when you think that the Democrat candidates for president can’t get any crazier, they do!

CNN just collaborated with the Democrat candidates for president and invested 7 hours to allow them to pontificate on the most insane and destructive proposals imaginable to address the manufactured crisis of manmade climate change which would not only bankrupt America and send us to the Dark Ages, it would destroy our Republic and give the government total control over every aspect of our lives including what kind of food we eat, what cars we drive, and how many babies we can have!

The most bizarre and barbaric proposal was Bernie Sanders’ proposal to increase abortions in third world nations to reduce the human population which he thinks is causing manmade global warming. Think about that for a second. He wants to abort the babies of third world nations which are primarily people of color. Isn’t that the definition of racism?  Not only is it insane, it is barbaric yet the CNN audience loved it and applauded. Stay tuned because the Dem’s hysteria on this issue got even crazier.

Let’s start off this discussion with science and logic regarding this hysterical climate change issue. Any 10 year old child with an IQ over 50 who has seen the movie “Ice Age” has enough information to know that climate change is a never ending natural process that has been going on long before human beings and SUVs even existed.

Over the last 4.5 billion years, the Earth has seen at least 5 major “ice ages." All five of them came before human beings even existed when the Earth’s climate got much colder for thousands of years stacking over a mile of ice on parts of the planet. Then the Earth became warmer melting that ice each time and in the first four of those global warming periods, humans did not even exist. The last ice age ended 13,000 years ago when the Earth naturally warmed and melted over a mile of ice over the northern hemisphere raising the oceans by 400 feet around the world.

Since there were no SUVs or coal fired electric plants back then, that global warming must have been natural right?  And thank goodness the Earth naturally melted that ice or humans could not live in Canada, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan because one mile of ice would be over our heads!

My wife and I took an advanced class on climate and weather because we are blue water sailors and our NOAA weather professor nailed this manmade climate change hysteria in just two minutes. Her opening statement was “Please open your textbooks to page 3 and I will prove to you that this 'manmade global warming' hysteria is pure B.S.” Yep, she really did!

We turned to page 3 and she explained a chart that showed that only 0.04% of the Earth’s atmosphere is made up of CO2. 0.04% of our atmosphere is going to destroy our planet? Seriously? Oxygen on the other hand makes up 21% of our atmosphere and nitrogen makes up 78%.

Here is why these numbers matter: We all understand that humans and other animals breathe oxygen to live. But how many people know that oxygen comes from green plants which breathe CO2 to live? Thus, if there was no CO2 every living plant and animal on Earth would die. I would propose that we need more CO2, not less and in fact the Earth has had much higher levels of CO2 in its history. We should all love CO2, not hate it like Dems do!

So let’s continue with the Dem’s attacks on CO2 and climate change in that 7 hour CNN torture session. As they whipped up the phony man made global warming hysteria, they proposed the following extreme solutions to attack this phony crisis which even they said could raise the oceans just a few feet (remember the oceans naturally rose by 400 feet when the last ice age melted 13,000 years ago!):

  • Increase abortions to reduce the human population (Bernie Sanders)
  • Make gasoline powered cars illegal
  • Put restrictions on red meat because cow farts cause global warming (!)
  • Completely eliminate fossil fuels and nuclear power (which has no CO2!)and make America dependent on solar and wind energy (sadly, sometimes the wind don’t blow and the sun don’t shine!)

The costs of these insane Democrat solutions for a problem that doesn’t exist come in anywhere between $96 trillion (The Green New Deal) and $16 trillion with the lowest at $1 trillion. That would bankrupt America and put us out of business as China, the world’s largest polluter does absolutely nothing to reduce its CO2 by 2030 while they laugh at us as we bankrupt ourselves and make them the world’s largest economy.

Why are these crazy Democrats promoting this hysteria and these crippling programs for a problem that doesn’t exist? Simple. They want to give the government control over every aspect of our lives from what kinds of cars we drive to what we have for dinner and how many babies we have. That, folks, is called socialism! If Americans fall for this irrational insanity and give Democrats total control over every aspect of our lives, this great Republic is toast.

Just another reason why the 2020 election is an IQ test for Americans to see if we still deserve our Republic and our freedom.

Randy Rossi lives in Grayslake, Illinois


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