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D211 Parents group calls “All Hands on Deck” before crucial Thurs nite school board meeting



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PALATINE IL – Boys, girls, those questioning their gender and those identifying themselves as genders different than their biological sexes will likely be sharing locker and rest rooms after District 211's board meeting scheduled for Thursday night.

D211 Parents for Privacy – who has been resisting the effort for four years – is calling for an "All Hands On Deck" response to Thursday night's meeting.

"We need everyone there on Thursday who stands for privacy for all students equally! Everyone," the group's Facebook page says. "The majority of the board truly believes the vast majority of the community is totally fine with this unfair insanity. Staying at home gives them ammunition."

Last month after the proposal was first read and discussed by the Palatine-Schaumburg high school board, the ACLU was excited about the direction the school board was moving. 

“Today is a long-deserved victory for Student A, Nova Maday, and every student who is transgender who has ever walked the halls of a District 211 high school," said Ghirlandi Guidetti, Staff Attorney, ACLU of Illinois.

"After years of resisting, we are pleased to see the district’s leadership has recognized that students who are transgender deserve to be treated fairly and equally in every way, and deserve dignity and respect in all aspects of their lives.

"We look forward to District 211 joining the roster of schools across Illinois who provide this fair treatment for all of their students.”


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    If you are bothered by the Board’s decisions, find candidates to run against those already on the Board to remove them, or run yourselves.
    After all, it’s not “brain surgeon” stuff…just look at who’s presently IN those seats!