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Rossi: Shh… it’s a secret. The US Economy is booming. Pass it on …



Istockphoto-494000027-1024x1024By Randy Rossi - 

Compare the amount of news coverage relentlessly attacking our president for a whole host of issues to the amount of positive news coverage of our great economy since President Trump was elected. The newest jobs report just came out and we now have the lowest unemployment in 50 years. Fifty years!

The unemployment rate is now at 3.5% and we have more open jobs than people to fill them. That has led to a wage growth of 2.9% compared to an inflation rate of 1.7% which means that American’s wages are growing faster than inflation giving all Americans more money to spend. That’s a good thing right?

Shouldn’t we be celebrating this great news as a nation?

Sadly, because this good news doesn’t get much coverage in the “fake news” which focuses on anything negative regarding President Trump, too many Americans don’t know how good things are here in America and how lucky we are. The economies of Europe and China are in real trouble right now while our economy is strong. While President Obama said that lost manufacturing jobs will never come back, over 700,000 new manufacturing jobs have been created under President Trump. While the libs call President Trump a racist, unemployment for Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians is the lowest it has been in U.S. History. Pretty racist, right?

Dems also love to attack president Trump as a “sexist” yet female unemployment is at 3.9% which is a 50 year low and half the unemployment rate for women under President Obama. If providing the lowest unemployment for women in 50 years is sexist, women may want to rethink the definition of sexist!

How did this great economy happen under President Trump?

First the GOP tax cuts passed under President Trump have allowed U.S. companies to keep more of their earnings which they are investing in growing their businesses which creates more jobs. That’s just common sense which Democrats just hate. Those tax cuts also gave 65% of Americans a personal tax cut allowing them to keep and spend more of their own money which also helps create more jobs. That’s a great “two-fer”! On top of that, President Trump has aggressively slashed and burned destructive and oppressive federal regulations which were killing jobs which has brought back those jobs.

Finally, President Trump is the first president to stop the massive Chinese cheating and stealing that has cost millions of Americans their manufacturing jobs which were shipped to China. Now because of President Trump’s tariffs on China designed to punish them for their massive cheating and stealing, companies are bringing manufacturing jobs back to America.

Why don’t Democrats and the liberal news media celebrate this good news? Because they would have to admit that President Trump and conservatives were right on how to improve our economy and they were wrong as they push socialism and higher taxes. President Trump and Republicans want Americans to control their own destinies, be rewarded for their hard work, and to keep more of their own money while Democrats want more taxes and government control over the people.  Our great economy under President Trump proves who was right and who was wrong! Let’s hope that a majority of Americans get the picture in time for the 2020 elections!


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  1. sssh its a secret… US budget deficit climbs to 7-year high at $984B
    sssh its a secret: As of December 31, 2018, debt held by the public was $16.1 trillion and intragovernmental holdings were $5.87 trillion, for a total of $21.97
    $21.97 Trillion and growing………..