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IL GOP launches “Illinois Democrat Crime Ring” website



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CHICAGO – "The Democratic Party of Illinois is nothing more than a vehicle for no talent cronies and grifters to reward friends, wield power, and personally profit from public office." 

Those are the introductory words found on the IL GOP's new website www.Demcorruption.com to expose epidemic of Democrat corruption.

It goes on. 

"Each week brings with it news of federal investigators engaging in a wide-ranging corruption probe that has already yielded indictments for two Democrat state legislators and the most powerful Chicago alderman, among others. The ongoing stream of FBI warrants and subpoenas tell the story of a political machine run amok, engaging in blatant, wide-ranging corruption without concern for consequences," the intro says.

Then visitors are intructed to "read below to learn about the main players – those already indicted and those biding their time – within the Illinois Democrat Crime Ring."

The photos of nine Democrats are prominently displayed – led by House Speaker Mike Madigan, Gov. JB Pritzker and Sen. Martin Sandoval (D-Chicago).

"Democratic leaders in Illinois are a crime ring masquerading as a political party. No other state in America has virtually all of its top political leaders currently under federal investigation for corruption. From the Statehouse to Chicago City Hall, Democrat leaders like Madigan, Pritzker, and Burke have shown repeatedly they are in public service to abuse power, enrich themselves, and hand out favors to their friends. It’s time to turn this corrupt status quo into a five-alarm fire that wakes up the public and media – the only ones who can hold these politicians accountable,”  ILGOP Chairman Tim Schneider is quoted as saying.

The website lists three Democrats indicted thus far on federal charges: Tom Cullerton, State Senator; Ed Burke, Chicago Alderman; and Luis Arroyo, State Representative (former)

They list six Democrats under federal investigation, including Mike Madigan, Speaker of the House & Chairman of the Democratic Party of Illinois; JB Pritzker, Governor, Martin Sandoval, State Senator; Carrie Austin, Chicago alderman; Daniel Solis, Chicago alderman; and Jeff Tobolski, Cook County Board.

The ILGOP says they created DemCorruption.com "to expose the misdealings of each politician and to help keep all the ongoing scandals straight." 

“DemCorruption.com will serve as a central clearinghouse for information on Democrat corruption in Illinois,” explained ILGOP Chairman Tim Schneider. “Voters can stay up to date, learn how to fight back, and get involved in exposing the Illinois Democrat power structure for what it is: a criminal enterprise.” 


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  1. Elected local government officials are required to swear an oath, which states in part, they will uphold the Illinois State constitution. Part of the Illinois state constitution is the preamble. The preamble mandates government ” to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the people;”. The laws that the state legislature enacts must fall into those categories. No thinking person can believe providing legal and easy access to buy a drug that is known to cause mental health & violence problems for marijuana smokers satisfies the Illinois constitution’s mandate of “to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the people”. The democrat-controlled Illinois state legislature’s legal dope bill subjects Illinois counties to possible litigation if local government votes to allow marijuana dispensaries. Should a person develop a mental illness and or be violent after buying and using dope purchased at a county allowed dope dispensary, the county will be subject to a possible lawsuit. The facts are in and today’s dope can cause mental illness and violence in smokers of marijuana. Many studies show that to be true; on top of that experts on the issue like ER doctors, mental health professionals, and law enforcement advise local government to opt out of dope dispensaries. Dope smokers will think dope is safe because it is legal to buy at a dispensary. I don’t believe because the Illinois General Assembly enacted a law, making dope dispensaries an option, the localities are protected from a lawsuit. A law which is made contrary to the Illinois state constitution is no law at all. It should be clear to the entire state legislature the dope law was unlawfully enacted, the preamble in the Illinois constitution is quite clear, government is to “provide for the health, safety and welfare of the people;” Recreational dope dispensaries don’t do that! Dispensary sold recreational dope is a lawsuit waiting to happen, for any county or city that votes to allow a dispensary. The democrat controlled general assembly has suckered tax dollar starved local government, who have voted to allow a dispensary because they need more revenue. It’s easy to see why local governments were given the option by the corrupt state legislature to allow dispensaries, because when the first lawsuit is filed against a city and or county, the state legislature and courts will say they had the option to opt out and did not. Putting the onus and responsibility for mental health issues and acts of violence by persons smoking dope purchased at city & county government allowed dispensaries squarely on the back of local government. And we know who will pay that bill. “in order to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the people” is a constitutional mandate by the people of Illinois, not a suggestion. Local governments, the law, HB 1438 which doesn’t take effect until January 1, 2020; must be repealed as a violation of the Illinois state constitution. The Illinois constitution is the law which local government members swore an oath to uphold, as such, you members must vote to opt the county & cities out of a recreational marijuana dispensary. This failure of the democrat-controlled state legislature to obey constitutional law, is a scandal that local government will likely bear the brunt if they fail to see how the state legislature stabbed them in the back.
    This HB 1348 usurpation by the corrupt democrat controlled state legislature must be repealed

  2. Illinois state Rep. Kelly Cassidy from Chicago, who was the primary sponsor of the legalize Marijuana bill that was recently signed into law by Governor Pritzker saw her same-sex partner be named as vice president and head of business development for Revolution Florida, a sister company to Illinois-based Revolution Enterprises. Revolution makes a variety of cannabis products. So, what I see is instead of Illinois-based Revolution Enterprises, directly rewarding Rep. Cassidy for sponsoring Illinois’ legalize dope bill that got pushed onto Illinois down-staters by the democrat-controlled state legislature. Cassidy’s same-sex partner received a Vice President job at Revolution Enterprises’ sister company in Florida called Revolution Florida. That conflict of interest should be punished by the Illinois state legislature, but the democrats will never allow it. It’s obvious to me Cassidy committed an ethics violation. Pay to play politics is corruption. No Fortune 500 company would allow such a conflict of interest by one of their employees, such an employee would be summarily fired. So, why does ethics challenged Cassidy get away with it?

  3. This is the same DOUBLE-AGENT Tim Schneider who told me “I have to work with John”, referring to Cook County Commissioner John Daley of the infamous Chicago political crime family of mayors Richard J. and Richard M. Daley.
    I asked Schneider how much he can help our campaign in 2010 as he was a sitting “Republican” Commissioner of Cook and I was the Republican nominee against Democrat John Daley for the 11th District seat. He actually told me to my face that he had to “work with John”. This is the real Chicago, Illinois.
    It’s a massive fraud inflicted upon the good American citizens, albeit naive, who reside in Illinois, living and dying by the fixed and oppressive system.
    Schneider is a double-agent, answering to the political mob of Ed Burke, Mike Madigan and John Daley.
    Carl Segvich,
    Republican Party Committeeman, Chicago – 11th Ward