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Rossi: AG Barr’s Sneak Preview of Explosive IG Report




By Randy Rossi - 

Any American paying attention to the Dem’s attempt to impeach Donald Trump in their “Stalinistic” impeachment hearings regarding a “Perfect” phone call Trump had with the new president of Ukraine has to wonder why they are spending so much time and American resources to go down this ridiculous path. Anybody who has actually read the transcripts of that call knows that President Trump said and did nothing wrong and the president of Ukraine said multiple times that the call was pleasant and he felt absolutely no pressure from President Trump. Why is “Comrade” Shift using this immoral, shameful, and dictatorial process which will clearly fail to try and impeach President Trump?

The answer is really quite simple, Democrats are scared to death about the new IG Report that is about to come out around Thanksgiving. Anybody who watches or reads real news sources knows that the IG has been investigating what we all now know was the massive “Russian Collusion Hoax” which was a 2 ½ year Democrat project to falsely impeach President Trump for colluding with Russia to defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton. Dems and the “Fake News” screamed 24X7 for 2 ½ years that President Trump colluded with the Russians and they used and diverted massive tax payer funded resources to make their false case. Then those Dems and the “Fake News” were devastated when the Mueller Report concluded that “There was no collusion with the Trump campaign or anybody associated with it and the Russian government”. Bummer!

That was bad enough for Dems but then they got some really bad news. The Inspector General (IG) launched a massive investigation of that Democrat “Russian Collusion Hoax” to see if laws were broken and/or if political power was abused to launch that hoax. After several months the news got even worse for Democrats when it was reported that based on findings of that IG investigation, AG Barr appointed John Durham to also do an investigation. After several more months of both of those investigations, it was announced that John Durham’s investigation had been raised to a “criminal investigation”. That freaked out Dems because that would not be done unless those investigations found a high likelihood of prosecutable criminal activity. It is obvious that the Dem’s goal is to publicly  slander President Trump in their illegal impeachment process which does not allow the President to use his right to face his accuser (the hidden whistle blower) which is a Constitutional right. The Dems also want to hide the facts that prove that President Trump did absolutely nothing wrong in his phone call hoping to smear President Trump politically before the IG report and Durham’s report come out proving that Dems broke the law in their “Russian Collusion Hoax” since they know that they cannot win a real legal impeachment case against President Trump.

Dems are shaking in their boots and are desperately trying to smear President Trump before those reports come out but AG Barr just gave them a clue of how bad things are going to get for them. In a powerful speech on Friday night at the Federalist Society, AG Barr accused Democrats of using a “Scorched Earth no holds barred war of resistance against this administration. It is the left that engaged in a systematic shredding of norms and undermining the rule of law”. That is explosive and anybody who doesn’t think his comments were based on what he is seeing in the IG and Durham’s investigations is living on another planet. AG Barr summarized his opinion by saying Democrats are “Using every tool to sabotage the Trump administration” and “They essentially see themselves engaged in a war to cripple, by any means possible, a duly elected government”. That cannot be good news for Democrats and I would suggest that AG Barr’s comments are a sneak preview of what the IG and Durham’s investigations will prove.

No wonder the Dems are freaking out and trying to publicly slander President Trump before those reports expose their massive illegal abuse of power to bring down a duly elected president. In my opinion, we are about to see that the Democrats ,with the help of the “Fake News”, have illegally abused their power and broke the law to launch a coup attempt to take down a duly elected president. If I am right, this is the biggest attack on our democracy since Democrats declared war on the USA by starting the Civil War in order to keep slavery. Let’s hope that the IG Report and John Durham’s investigation of this coup attempt saves our democracy without shedding blood. Those that broke the law and abused their power need to be severely punished if found guilty to save our great republic, preserve the rule of law, and to protect all future presidents of either party.

It should be a very interesting 2020 election if American voters find out that Democrats did in fact launch a treasonous coup attempt against our president . If they did let’s hope that the American voters finally flush the DC toilet in those 2020 elections and give President Trump the House and Senate majority he needs to “Keep America Great”!


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  1. I have been sent an e-mail I would like someone to verify:
    Is it true that George Soros’s SON, Robert, is married to Adam Schiff’s SISTER, Melissa Schiff?
    If so, that may explain a lot of what is happening on Schiff’s committee.

  2. Right like this is going to happen. There will be loud wrist slaps, maybe on or two light jail terms. No one will be deprived of their pensions and health care, the corrupt civil service system will remain intact, there will be no justice and this country’s laughable justice system will stand revealed as the banana republic it has become.
    What should happen is wholesale groups of people should lose their pensions, be imprisoned, and several executions should likely take place.
    Many members of the House, Senate, and various Courts should be impeached and removed from office.