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Thorner: The Deep State’s Unconstitutional Political Game



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By Nancy Thorner - 

Why would specific, politically powerful Democrats want to drastically change the U.S.A.? 

Our current government, as observed through the Marxist influencers within the Democrat Party, are proposing and leading this nation into one that our forefathers warned us against?   Legislators in the Democrat Party disrespect and purposely demean President Trump and have likewise convinced many registered Democrats that Trump was not duly elected as president.

It is a given that the Democrat Party's platform and plans for this nation are at odds with those promoted by the Republican platform and President Trump; nevertheless, verbally disrespecting a duly elected president of the United States should not be centered on “feelings,” nor about party preference.  All American citizens have a responsibility to respect election results as set forth in our Constitution.  It is the Electoral College, not the popular vote, that determines presidential elections.

School textbooks in the past explained how our American ancestors, many of whom fought and died for our country, recognized America’s potential to be a great nation.  Those patriots overcame many obstacles to achieve their goal for independence from England, and citizens have worked to keep this nation great for the last 243 years. 

Of great concern is how history is now being taught since the adaptation of Common Core in our public schools by many states, where history is now part of Social Studies and Civics is not mandatory.  Troubling is when they become adults.

Yet, it is our generations' duty to elect the best people possible to govern, those who are not self-serving, but who will do their best to preserve and protect what past generations of Americans passed on to us.  We must be alert and aware of politics and politicians, whether in our state or federal government, because ultimately it is “we the people” who have the power to elect the best of those who are willing to take the responsibility of leadership.

Are you involved in and/or doing what you can to stay informed of important issues and information regarding political matters?  Are you sharing your knowledge and opinions with friends and elected official and with young people who embrace Socialism without knowing what it represents?

To protect the USA, we must first admit that there are some among us who are doing their best to change the USA and replace it with a new system, Socialism, even though that system has failed wherever and whenever tried.

A nation under threat 
Lee Edwards, a leading historian of American conservatism and the author or editor of 25 books, in his published commentary of April 24th, 2019, These are the most telling failures of Socialism, listed the following as the first failure of Socialism out of four:
One, socialism has never succeeded anywhere, including the Marxism-Leninism of the Soviet Union, the National Socialism of Nazi Germany, the Maoism of Communist China, the Chavez-Maduro socialism of Venezuela. It has never come close anywhere to Marx’s ideal of a classless society.
The opposition party, better described as the Democratic-Socialist party, with the help of a willing and Prava-style cooperative media, “cherry-pick” what they print and what they purpose to avoid mentioning.  They have become overtly partisan and do their best to put forth one-sided information to entice the public to succumb to their specific views.   
Senator Mike Lee made it very clear that ANY leader who aligns themselves with the proposed impeachment of our President is not just wrong, but that these people are seriously jeopardizing our nation and people by their actions and statements.  We are allowing a “whistle blower” and leaders of the opposition Party to cripple our nation with what can only be identified as unverifiable statements.  One can only wonder if our foreign enemies are plotting how they can use all of this to their advantage.  
Attorney General William Barr in his  prepared remarks at a conference hosted by the conservative Federalist Society on Friday, November 15th, offered a strident defense of President Trump’s use of executive authority and slammed House Democrats’ impeachment investigation as an effort to undermine him, which did not set well with the liberal progressive Left.  Said Barr:  “While the President has certainly thrown out the traditional Beltway playbook, he was upfront about that beforehand, and the people voted for him.”
Week one of publi c impeachment hearings a dud
In the first public impeachment inquiry hearing on Wednesday, November 13, 2019, Adam Schiff’s preamble was so full of distortions and misrepresentations it was like a movie script adapting a novel so the movie would end in Hollywood style, rather than as written. Schiff’s star witnesses, George Kent, a deputy assistant Secretary of State, and Bill Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, were so bad that MSNBC talked about the weather instead of the hearing. The witnesses made conclusions based on 3rd, 4th and deeper levels of hearsay. Neither had even met the President, much less spoken with him. When asked if anything they described could be considered an impeachable offense …. Crickets. Layton’s jaw dropped open. One Democrat went so far as to say that hearsay evidence was better than direct evidence. That sound like a quote out of “Alice in Wonderland.” Meanwhile President Trump went about the country’s business, making it clear that the Democrats want him impeached not for what he has done wrong, but what he has done right.
On Friday, Nov. 15, 2019, the Intelligence Committee heard public testimony from Marie Yovanovitch, who was removed as U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, allegedly under pressure from Trump allies. 
As with Kent and Taylor Yovanovitch had no direct information of wrongdoing by President Trump, only hear say.  All three likewise admitted that there was no quid pro quo.  Adam Schiff even prevented Republicans from asking certain questions to protect his fake narrative.
When asked, former ambassador Yovanovitch made it clear that “career" state department employees carried the responsibility for US foreign policy. This attitude is at the root of efforts by the bureaucracy to thwart President Trump.  It’s not just the Department of State, but Intelligence and Justice too.  Governments have had the same problem for thousands of years. From time to time it’s been necessary to purge the palace eunuchs and start over. Only recently, however, have they enjoyed retirement benefits.
As to the first week of public impeachment hearings, it revealed a carefully orchestrated and biased process by Schiff designed to produce the outcome he wants rather than provide the full, contextual truth of the crux of their claims to the American people, unless the hurt feelings of seasoned former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch over a Trump treat in defense of himself should somehow matter.  President Trump has a God-given right to address his accusers. Given no ability to defend himself, Trump tweets to go around the false accusations the Deep State levels against him. 
American citizens as jurors
Do officials in the Deep State get to decide U.S. policy or does President Trump?  Officials in the Deep State are upset (and unhinged) because President Trump is setting policy and bi-passing them which is his prerogative as president, whereby in the past the Deep State had free reign until Trump came along.
Also for consideration is that the hearings are a desperate attempt to muddy the waters around corruption as we wait for the more serious investigative reports from non-partisans, Inspector General Michael Horowitz and U.S. Attorney John Durham. 
It is time to investigate and determine facts from fiction. The opposition party is not able to accept the results of the 2016 elections. In frustration, the resistance is making highly questionable decisions and employing pathetic behavior to get attention, so as to convince the public that Trump and his administration are the most corrupt ever.   The public will most likely end up being the jurors who decide which political party and people are truthful and who is acting out of partisanship.  Will Democrats come to regret their overt “shot” at our President? 
Trump represent a threat to the elite's project of selling America down the river and must be stopped.  To those of us who support Trump and not the program for America the elites have in mind for us, we must be taught a lesson as to who rules in this nation.  This hyper-partisan process to drive Trump from office has rightly been called an attempted coup, which in earlier times would have mandated severe punishment.
Victor Davis Hanson posted this brilliant must read article on November 12, 2019, Ten Reasons Why Impeachment Is Illegitimate.   
Upcoming public impeachment hearings in November
Tuesday, November 19:  The morning will feature Jennifer Williams (a State Department official advising the vice president’s office) and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman (a National Security Council staffer). The afternoon will feature Kurt Volker (the former US special representative to Ukraine) and Tim Morrison (a National Security Council staffer).
Wednesday, November 20:  US Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland will testify in the morning. Defense Department official Laura Cooper and Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs David Hale will testify in the afternoon.
Thursday, November 21:  Former National Security Council staffer Fiona Hill is scheduled to testify.


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  1. Marie Yovanovitch was fired … boo hoo her feelings were hurt. Yes! they actually her how she felt!
    Why did they call her to testify? The alleged issue the “impeachment inquiry” is examining is a “quid pro quo” linking future Ukraine aid to them cracking down on endemic corruption.
    That Ground Zero of said endemic corruption involved Hunter Biden, son of “QuidProJoe” Biden and who was getting paid $83,000 per month for 4 years in pay-to-play money by a Ukrainian gas company. Yovanovitch wasn’t on any of the phone calls in question.
    She only testified to her speculation and ‘opinion’ about one of the calls and now we know that her speculation was wildly incorrect.
    This Democrat circus is getting worse and worse. Sad thing is the traditional Dem voters are ignorant and too lazy to do research. Sigh.

  2. When Republicans did not honor the 1986 Amnesty bill and let the illegals in and when they continued to support massive 3rd world immigration the party would be over.
    Bushes, Ryans McCains ilk sold out this nation.
    And now the GOP is over.