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What’s Congressman Casten doing to resolve these problems?



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WHEATON – "Tell Congressman to stop the impeachment," an internet ad funded by the Club for Growth released last week says.

With health care costs rising, drugs poisoning our communities, turmoil across the globe not being addressed by the Democrat-controlled U.S. House, nothing's been done to straighten out these issues, the ad says. 

The Democrats' distraction from those issues is the impeachment that Sean Casten fully supports.

“In June, I called for an impeachment inquiry into the President of the United States. My determination that an inquiry is necessary has only intensified as a result of new revelations concerning the President’s communications with the Ukrainian president," Casten said in a statement back in September.

“When I called for an impeachment inquiry earlier this year, I cited the Special Counsel’s report. Upon its release, I read the Mueller report in its entirety; the findings were alarming.  It raised serious questions about Russian interference in our elections and the integrity of the White House. And I still struggle with the fact our President may have instructed others to lie for him, tried to intimidate witnesses, and conceal the truth from the American people.

“Now, over the past few days, we have learned that the President apparently grossly abused the powers of his office to pressure a foreign government to investigate a political opponent.  Some may excuse that type of behavior by an unelected individual when it occurs in Trump Tower, but the Congress and the American people cannot turn a blind eye when it comes from the President of the United States and it happens in the White House.

"Donald Trump has risked our national security and invited yet another foreign government to intercede to influence our elections. Donald Trump is so singularly focused on promoting his own fortunes – political and otherwise – that he is incapable of defending the Constitutional rights and respecting the will of the American people. His behavior is a clear and present danger to our Republic.

“I applaud Speaker Pelosi’s decision to open an impeachment inquiry into the President of the United States,” Casten said.

Casten has voted with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time and Leftist Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez 94% of the time – although he promised 6th CD voters he would focus on solving problems if he ousted former Congressman Peter Roskam in 2018. 

Here's the Club for Growth ad for IL's 6th CD's voters to call their congressman:


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  1. Paragraphs four through eight are the first sensible thing I’ve seen on this website!
    Thank you for printing the truth about our deranged failed president’s high crimes and bribes and THANK YOU, Sean Casten, for standing up to the Republicans who keep trying to take away our health care.

  2. The Illinois GOP is a DEAD and Dis-functional organization. It’s without leadership, with Republican candidates caring for them self’s and not for the party, or rank and file. Illinois GOP is functionally not relevant any more.

  3. Hey, MEESHA! Your name may be “Swift,” but your comprehension of what is happening here is doubtful. Aren’t you paying attention to the disgusting joke the Shift hearings have been exposed to be?
    Are you a reader of the New York Times, The Washington Post, or the Post’s local unquestioning minion, the DAILY HERALD? Or do you just absorb all the filth on CNN and MSNBC?
    If you can’t understand what is happening let me explain it to you in a word: HOAX!