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Bummed out about TIME’s cover? 19 year old German responds to Climate Change hysteria



Climate policy challenger Naomi Seibt, 19

CHICAGO – Heartland Institute recently hosted a forum with German 19 year old Naomi Seibt – which many think should be shared as a response to TIME Magazine's controversial 16 year old Person of the Year.

"I used to be a climate change alarmist. I grew up around the climate change hysteria in the media, my school books and on TV and I was the first one to, whenever my beliefs were questioned, I was the first one to ask the question, ‘So are you saying you are a climate change denier?’" Seibt told the audience.

Eventually, however, she says she became a climate change skeptic. It began during Germany's migration crisis in 2015.

"Once you start exploring these political topics that are more on the right or libertarian, things spiral out of control and you go down the path of understanding that many topics – such as feminism, gender, socialism, post-modernism – and climate change hysteria," she said. "They’re all related in some way and pave the way for a very bad kind of totalitarianism." 

There's a totally different viewpoint on climate change and a growing number of young people are seeing the issue differently from the TIME Person of the Year Greta Thunberg, said Heartland Institute's Environment & Climate News managing editor Sterling Burnett. 

"Greta Thunberg heard in school that the world was ending, and its our fault," Burnett told Illinois Review."She's become a hero, and people are helping her. They're using her. Now she's being used to sell magazines." 

"If you want a better assessment of the state of climate science and climate policy, go to Naomi Seibt," he said. 

Hear more from Naomi Seibt:


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