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‘Fairness for All’ Is Well Intentioned but Inadequate and Misguided




Not every bill that calls itself a compromise is a good compromise. Ryan T. Anderson writes:

Real fairness for all would protect people who identify as LGBT from truly unjust discrimination while explicitly stating that acting on the conviction that we are created male and female, and that male and female are created for each other, isn’t discriminatory. And so it would also protect people who hold those convictions and their freedom to act on them in the public square.

Not only does Fairness for All misframe the policy arena as one between “LGBT rights” and “religious liberty,” but it fails to precisely target the needs of LGBT-identifying people that require a policy solution.

[Ryan T. Anderson, “‘Fairness for All’ Is Well Intentioned but Inadequate and Misguided,” The Daily Signal, December 6]


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  1. This proposed bill is designed to make us think it’s about race when the truth is it is about special privileges for lgbt and religious persecution. Several years ago, about 150 genetic scientists from around world mapped the human genome and didn’t find a lgbt gene. Genes determine skin color, there is no scientific proof lgbt behaviors have a genetic causation. The lgbt “born that way” claim is liberal ideology and not objective, evidence-based science. All behavior is a choice, unless a mental disorder or mental illness is involved. And as such we don’t have to be tolerant of perverted sinful behavior and you lgbt perverts don’t have a right to a access of our children. STOP YOUR BORN THAT WAY LIE!