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Thorner: Heartland Institute has the nerve to give thanks for fracking in new video series



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By Nancy Thorner - 

Give thanks for fracking? That's heresy to a whole generation that has been taught to believe in the religion of environmentalism. 

But that's exactly what Heartland Institute did leading up to the Thanksgiving season.

Many young people are actually scared stiff that the Earth is going to be destroyed by something called "climate change" before 2030.  I suppose nobody should be too surprised when students are raised on a diet of false science in schools where critical thinking is verboten.

The typical college student is less likely to break out of a herd than cows and sheep. Even kids in nursery school ask “Why?” and “How?” and “When?”  But by the time they get to college, they ask no questions. They simply react like Pavlov’s dogs to terms like “existential threat,” “constitutional crisis,” and anything that sounds the least bit politically incorrect.

On November19, 2019, Jim Lakely, Director of Communications of The Heartland Institute, announced the Heartland Institute was going to celebrate Thanksgiving by giving thanks to climate alarmists that have been wrong.

Wrote Lakely, "The Heartland Institute is celebrating Thanksgiving this year with a video series that lets Americans know that our climate is not in crisis, and we should be thankful for the positive aspects of a climate that has warmed over the last century and a half – with the first video celebrating a 'global greening' that is due, in part, to more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere."

In so doing, the Heartland Institute’s released 10 short, shareable videos for Thanksgiving highlighting 10 facts climate alarmists don’t want us to be thankful for. These videos were released one a day from Tuesday, November 19, 2019 up and including Thanksgiving Day. They debunked some of the most popular “alarmist” memes about the climate pushed by radical environmentalists over the decades.

As Jim Lakely wrote in his announcement: "Thanksgiving is a time for being grateful for the love of one’s family, appreciative of the blessings of liberty and prosperity, and thankful for all the good fortune that has come one’s way."
Mr. Lakely, in narrating each video, reveals facts that help individuals of all ages, especially those of school age, understand, evaluate, and hopefully change what they have been taught to accept in the past.
Following are the 10 facts climate alarmists don’t want us to be thankful for.  They were picked by staffers at Heartland and their friends at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the Energy & Environment Legal Foundation.


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  1. Heartland knows our climate best. Yet is not concern about any radical issues.
    If a rock from space a 100 miles in diameter. We than could expect a radical change in the climate.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht